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Data Storage Media - High Recording Density Disk Media

Data storage media is used to record and store large-scale data from computer systems. Examples include optical disks and magnetic tapes.

Types of Data Storage Media

Magnetic Tape

Data storage media, such as magnetic tape, consists of a magnet oxide coating on a thin plastic strip that is commonly used for backup and archiving.

Optical Disc

An optical disc is a type of data storage media that is made of polycarbonate, which allows data to be read by a laser light that shines through the polycarbonate hitting the data layer. Storage on digital optical media has the advantage of large capacity. Optical media are used for storing digital sounds, images, and data.

Three types of optical media can be used to store digital information:

  • CD-ROM
  • Write Once, Read Many (WORM)
  • Rewritable media

CD-ROM, CD-R, and WORM technologies provide long-term storage of digital information because they cannot be erased or revised.

Storage Devices

Storage devices are peripheral units that hold data. Examples include magnetic tape, magnetic disks, and optical disks. Storage management of data storage media provides for centralized control of backups, databases containing details of all backup sessions, media management facilities, and built-in, rules-based, tape rotation systems. Server-based and workstation-based components are used with data storage media for storage management.

There are three general approaches to excising data from various storage technologies:

  • Clearing
  • Purging
  • Destroying

Types of computer storage devices. Video Credit: Aaron Wissner / CC BY 3.0

Data Recovery

Data recovery is the process of retrieving lost data on a computer. Disk management software may be used with data storage media to include utilities for data recovery, drive imaging, disk wiping, and access control.

Disaster recovery planning is a process by which consistent actions are taken before, during, and after a disaster. A disaster recovery plan can provide increased security, minimize the risk of delays, guarantee the reliability of standby systems, provide a standard for testing the plan, and minimize decision-making during a disaster.


ASTM E1453 - Standard guide for storage of magnetic tape media that contains analog or digital radioscopic data

INCITS/ISO/IEC 10995 - Digitally recorded media for information interchange and storage - test method for the estimation of the archival lifetime of optical media

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