Cost Estimating Software Information

Cost estimating software or job costing software is used to estimate the cost of projects. Cost estimating software can be used for quoting and planning, to facilitate sales force automation, and to manage inventory levels. Many different types of businesses - from construction companies to commercial printers - use cost estimating software. Job costing software is a type of cost estimating software that integrates with purchasing and inventory modules. Most job costing software is designed for a specific company or industry. Cost estimating software is used for statistical analysis and to forecast the cost of future projects. Cost estimating applications can access and extract information from a summary cost database. Typically, this type of estimating software is used by general contractors and architects to check estimates on quotations received from subcontractors. Cost estimating software that performs check estimates or conceptual or budget estimates uses algorithms and assemblies to generate estimates. There are many different types of cost estimating software. Examples include electrical cost estimating software, plumbing cost estimating software, and printing cost estimating software. Electrical cost estimating software enables electrical and cabling contractors to estimate electrical installations and prepare bids, as well as manage electrical material pricing. Plumbing cost estimating software allows plumbing contractors to create and manage estimates based on the pipe, fittings, and equipment required. Printing cost estimating software enables commercial printers to estimate pricing by unit, cost or markup, sliding scale, or hourly rates for stocks, presses, customers, or prepress and bindery services. Some cost estimating software can be integrated with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. An ERP is a suite of applications that includes financials, manufacturing, human resources, and other modules that assist corporations in automating the back-office business administration functions of an enterprise. ERP software systems can integrate departments and functions into a single program running on one database, improving efficiencies due to the integration speeding up business processes. Specialized cost estimating software is also available.