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Seal repair services refurbish and repair seals and related seal components. Services can provide low-cost alternatives to typical fixed cost options for expensive seals. Seal repair services typically include inspection, troubleshooting, disassembly, cleaning, refurbishing or replacing seal components, lapping services, failure analysis, and reassembly.


Mechanical seals and components are the most commonly repaired. Diaphragm seals, labyrinth seals, and other expensive types of seals also undergo repair.


Repair begins with disassembly of the seal and removal of the carbon graphite face, the elastomers and gaskets, springs, set screw, drive lugs or anti-rotation pins, cracked or broken hard faces and bellows. Seals and remaining components are then cleaned and evaluated to the manufacturer’s original dimensions, tolerances, and finishes for evaluation.


Seal repair services test faces and secondary seals, provides metallurgical and load testing, dimension evaluation, pressure testing, and failure analysis to fully estimate the repair needed. Seal repair providers use the information gained in evaluation to analyze the seal’s performance to ensure the best sealing option, including whether it can be reused or needs replacement.


Seal repair service may use a wide range of manufacturing equipment to replicate and repair seals and seal components. Seals are typically lapped to industry standards with two light bands. Some seal repair services providers allow for seal design or materials to be upgraded as needed, depending on an engineered review of the application.


Upon final reassembly, seal repair services provide another inspection. Reassembled seals are checked for flatness. Some seal repair services use a vacuum check on the movable assembly to ensure there are no leaks through or around any of the components. Trained seal repair troubleshooters also double-check for evidence of rubbing, damage, and corrosion.


Once the seal repair service provider is completed, seals are repacked. Repackaged repaired or refurbished seals should be able to survive a 39 inch (one meter) drop without injury to any of the seal components, including the lapped faces. Seal repair services should also apply a protective coating, such as silicone, on the lapped faces.


Seal repair services are commonly used in pump applications, industrial mixers, cryogenic systems, and in food processing applications. Other industries and applications may also use seal repair services.

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