Eyelet and Grommet Equipment Information

Eyelet and grommet machinery and equipment is used to install eyelets and grommets, metal fasteners that are inserted into a hole made in another material. These ring-shaped fasteners reinforce the hole and provide protection from tearing. Although eyelets and grommets are similar in shape, grommets have a smaller flange diameter relative to their hole-size. For eyelets, common applications include clothes, shoes, leather, and fabrics; wires, cords, ropes, and laces; and medical devices. When selecting eyelet and grommet machinery and equipment, materials and applications are both important considerations.  

Form factor and throat depth are important specifications to consider when selecting eyelet and grommet machinery and equipment. There are three choices for form factor: hand held, bench top, and free standing. Hand held eyelet and grommet machinery and equipment includes pliers-style tools and punch-like setters that are hit with a hammer. Benchtop units may require mounting and are typically referred to as presses. Free-standing eyelet and grommet machinery and equipment stands on its own and does not require mounting. The throat depth of an eyelet or grommet machine indicates how far the object to be riveted may be inserted into the machine. Choices include 250 mm, 400 mm, and 250 – 400 mm. 

Eyelet and grommet machinery and equipment differs in terms of actuation method, eyelet barrel diameter, and grommet size. Manual equipment is operated with hand or foot power. Electric equipment requires an alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) power source. Hydraulic and pneumatic eyelet and grommet machinery is also available. Because eyelets are sized by outside diameter (OD), eyelet barrel diameter is an important specification to consider. Typically, the hole for the eyelet should be .004 – 015 inches larger than the barrel diameter. Common grommet sizes include #00, #1, #2, #2XL, #3, #4, #5, and #6. Eyelet and grommet machinery for custom eyelets and grommets may also be available.