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Wire cutting machines are used to cut various types of wire and flexible tubing to specific lengths. They may be computer-controlled and can be programmed to cut wire or cable to specific length. Wire cutting machines may be designed to cut wire, cables, glass optical fiber, insulated cable, Kevlar, copper tubing, and many other materials.


Wire cutting machines are automatic or semi-automatic machines that provide precise cutting of wire and cables. A wire cutting machine typically feeds the wire in on a reel, marks the wire using an inkjet or hot stamp printing mechanism, cuts the wire, and then coils the finished product on another reel or stacks it in a guide channel. Wire cutting machines for cutting insulated cable also often include a slitting or stripping machine that slits open the insulation of the cable without damaging the cable’s shielding. A wire cutting and stripping machine uses a rotating blade to follow the contour of the cable, cutting away the cable insulation to expose a portion of the cable. Some wire cutters may even terminate the cable by crimping or sealing the ends of the wire or cable.

Different Uses

Wire cutting machines can also be used to cut other materials such as tubing, fiber optic cables, and heavy-duty twisted wire or ribbon cabling. A tube cutting machine is used to cut lengths of copper pipe used in all kinds of construction applications, including heating, ventilation, and cooling. Tube cutters can use carbon dioxide based lasers, high-speed water jets, or plasma oxyfuel flames for cutting copper tubing.


Wire cutting machines also include devices that use wire to cut other materials. For example, customized foam pieces are often cut using a hot wire cutting machine. A block of foam is mounted in the machine and a specific shape is carved out of the block using a series of hot wires. A foam wire cutting machine uses a taut metal wire which is heated to about 200 degrees Celsius. The heat vaporizes the polystyrene foam without even coming into contact with the material, making a clean, precise cut.

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