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Sheeters are used to cut rolls of material into individual sheets. Sheeting systems may also include equipment for stacking, slitting and other secondary operations. Automatic sheeters and sheeting machines are designed to automatically feed and cut materials such as bubble wrap, cloth, fabric, fiberglass, foam, foil, insulation, natural or synthetic fibers, paper, plastic, sheet metal, rubber, and vinyl. Cutting equipment is often used in printing, die cutting, paper processing, and other industrial applications.


Basic sheeting systems offer the power of automatic equipment without the expense of advanced material handling options and controls. Intermediate products may provide punching, slitting, rewinding, and web guiding capabilities. Advanced sheeting systems often include a servo drive system and programmable logic controller (PLC). Specialized sheeters for super-wide applications are also commonly available.

Selecting Sheeters

Selecting sheeters requires an analysis of sheeter categories, product specifications, and optional features. Sheeter categories include rotary sheeters, dual rotary sheeters, fixed bed sheeters, knife sheeters, and folio sheeters.

Product Specifications

Product specifications include caliper range, core diameter, cut tolerance, cutoff length, maximum roll weight, maximum web width, roll diameter, sheet length accuracy, and speed range.


In terms of features, some sheeters have automatic slitter positioning, batch counting, blade reset, or in-line ream wrapping and packaging capabilities. Others have outfeed guides, remote squaring, simplex or duplex sheeting, and core-unwinding capabilities. Sheeters are often sold with sheeting accessories such as machine stands, extension roll stands, unwind attachments, hold-down attachments, cutter safety guards, and feeder control panels.


Machine stands are used to store standard-sized rolls of material near the machine. These sheeter accessories are made of steel tubing and often feature casters for portability. Extension roll stands are used to store larger rolls or multiple rolls. They include adjustable roll bars that allow workers to move the workpiece to an ergonomic position. Unwind attachments are portable stands that regulate unwind speeds and serve as a tension roller for webs of materials. Hold-down attachments can be integrated with cutters to keep unrolled materials flat and straight. There are two types of hold down devices: single and double. Cutter safety guards are usually made of clear plastic and have a built-in safety feature to shut off the power automatically. Feeder control panels are used to control the feeders that are used with sheeters.

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