Conveyor Controls and Monitors Information

Conveyor controls and motors are used to control and monitor conveyors and conveying systems. A conveying system is used to transport a variety of products, including bulk materials such as stone, ore, and powders. Conveyor equipment includes belt conveyors, bucket or cart-on-track conveyors, chain conveyors, and chute conveyors. Conveyor controls and motors are also used on manufacturing conveyance systems, such as those used in assembly line applications.

Conveyor controls and motors consist of motorized rollers, variable speed drives, starters, and soft-start and soft-stop controls that control the startup processes and operating speed of the conveyor. These rollers can be integrated with PC-based automation controls to allow operators to remotely control the conveyor equipment. This is useful for processes that are hazardous or environmentally sensitive. Conveyor controllers are programmable logic controllers (PLC) that may also receive input from other sensors associated with the conveyor system. For example, a conveyor scale can relay information back to the PLC about the weight of the material being moved and adjust the speed of the conveyor accordingly. Photo-based sensors can also relay information about how things are progressing down the line and tell the PLC to slow down or speed up any part of the conveyor. Conveyor controls and motors also include sensors and controllers that can do batch processing, such as mail sorting and bundling. A batch controller identifies logical breaks in the manufacturing process, such as for packaging or bottling for distribution, and adjusts the conveyor equipment accordingly.

Conveyor controls and motors are used to control the transport of materials along a conveyor system to ensure that they proceed through the machining or production process properly. Conveyor controllers are particularly important in precision manufacturing applications, such as semiconductor production, where components must spend specific amounts of time in reflow or curing ovens. Conveyor controls and motors ensure that conveyor components move from one process to the next in the proper amount of time and at a precise speed.