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  • Monitor Coal Feeder Conveyor Speeds for Precise Discharge
    The Electro-Sensors SA420 Signal Conditioner, 907XP Hall Effect Sensor and Split. Collar Pulser Wrap. can be used to modulate gravimetric conveyor shaft speed for precise coal discharge.
  • Torque Sensor Application - Assembly Line / Automation
    Sensors / transducers are essential in many automated assembly, packaging and labeling processes. Below, a reaction torque sensor is setup with a servo motor in an automated conveyor belt assembly line to control the tension in the winding tape while providing feedback regarding alignment, out
  • Load Cell Application - Bag Filling Machine
    FUTEK load cell system can be used in an automated assembly-line bag filling application. As shown the upper conveyor loads parts into a hanging container. The container is connected to a load cell. The load cell monitors the weight of the container, once it reaches the preset weight the upper
  • AUTOMOTIVE PARTS MANUFACTURING: Machine-vision system sorts aluminum car wheels
    The Sensor Control system uses a 36-in.- diameter white LED dome light from Metaphase Technologies (Bensalem, PA, USA) placed directly above the conveyor. As the wheels traverse the conveyor, a photoelectric switch captures images from a TGX-03 CCD GigE camera from Baumer (Radeberg, Germany
  • How to: Sensing against the elements
    to start Proximity sensors are often used in the food and beverage industries for inspection and to verify a package or product is on a conveyor or bottling and canning line. These sensors are placed in damp or humid environments where there's a chance water might get in and ruin it. And much
  • Load Cell Application - Assembly line / Automation
    Below is a common assembly line lineup. It is a conveyor based assembly line where a piece of sheet metal is traveling through several operations. The first step is the stamping / punching station in which the specified load is being monitored. When the tool gets dull, the load gets out of its
  • Medical Device Link .
    Recent developments in assembly equipment Cleanroom-compatible transport system uses self-propelled shuttles A monorail conveyor system uses self-propelled shuttles to transport materials. Each shuttle in the Montrac system from (Derendingen, Switzerland) is electrically driven on the track
  • Trash in, cash out
    the number of trucks and save fuel. Of course, single-stream recycling does not eliminate sorting. The sorting process simply moves downstream from the curb to the MRF. Mixed recyclables go by conveyor belts to processing stations where they are screened, identified, sorted by type, and removed from

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