Carlson Engineering & Manufacturing

Performance, Innovation and Durability

Carlson Engineering has been designing and manufacturing cutting edge screw driver and screw feeding products and systems for over 20 years. We have consistently met and exceeded the demands and expectations of our customer base by bringing a refreshing "can-do" approach to a traditionally reserved industry. We know your application and we'll work together to make your assembly process easier and more productive.

Our rugged, reliable, and low-maintenance line of high-performance automatic screw driving systems and equipment consistently out-perform the rest and result in lower cost of operation than other competitive products available today.

Carlson's line of automated screw driving and screw feeding products are better designed to offer higher torque in more compact units. Our years of application experience result in better design concepts that make the Carlson line the "Right Choice" for industry's toughest and most challenging applications.

We know high-speed automated screw driving and feeding. That's why our innovative System Component Packages make it easy to integrate precision/high speed capabilities into your simple or complex assembly application. Our extensive product line can be fitted with any air or electric screw driver on the market today. With 40 different single to multiple screw driving models, our product line is unmatched in performance and value and is positioned to become an industry standard.

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