Truck Bodies Information

Truck bodies are assemblies that attach to a truck chassis for tasks such as towing, dumping, or product storage and delivery. Truck body suppliers do not manufacture the vehicle itself. Rather, they build a task-specific assembly that attaches to the chassis of the vehicle. Truck bodies are designed to match vehicle-specific specifications, however, and are often custom-built.

Types of Truck Bodies

There are two basic types of products: on-road and off-road. On-road truck bodies are designed for vehicles that travel mainly on highways and paved roads. Off-road truck bodies are designed for trucks that travel on unimproved roads or cleared land. Some truck bodies are designed for vehicles used in mining, agriculture, construction, or farming activities. Others attach to tow trucks and wreckers, delivery vans and vehicles, water sprayers, cable and telephone trucks, and repair equipment.


Truck bodies are usually made of aluminum, steel, fiberglass, or composite materials. They include dumpers and tilters, truck bodies equipped with cranes or hoists, and both insulated and refrigerated units. Dump bodies or dump truck bodies are designed to meet light duty truck (class 1 - 3), medium duty truck (class 4 - 6), or heavy duty truck (class 7 - 8) requirements. Platform bodies or platform truck bodies have steel stakes and stake racks, and can be covered with a tarp. Box truck bodies, as their name suggests, have a box-like shape and doors for loading and unloading cargo. Crane bodies or crane truck bodies are equipped with cranes of varying heights and capabilities. Aluminum hauler bodies are usually found on pickup trucks. Refrigerated truck bodies attach to delivery vehicles that carry milk, produce, and other perishable items.


Custom truck bodies are also available. Curtainsiders are truck bodies that are equipped with plastic curtains along the base of their sides. They allow personnel to access cargo such as lumber and piping from the roadside or curbside. Parcel vans are often equipped with gasoline engines and differ in terms of maximum payload. Gooseneck platforms are used in towing applications. Some truck bodies feature tool boxes or hoists. Others have styles designated as service bodies, towing bodies, landscaping bodies, rack bodies, or canopy bodies. Additional truck body types include flatbed, fifth wheel, stakebed, cargo delivery, lube, dry freight, water spray, gas tank, and utility. Service vans, fuel tankers, and vehicles with vacuum truck bodies are also available. For these and other products, specifications include body height, width, and length; materials of construction; and vehicle make and model.


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