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Selecting packing hooks and extractorsPacking hooks and extractors, also referred to as packing pullers, extract used packing material from pumps and valves. Packing materials are an integral part of a compression packing seal or gland seal. Typically a gland along the top ring tightens and compresses the packing materials to create a fluid seal. Packings hooks remove and replace packing materials that leak or are otherwise in need of replacement.




There are several different styles of packing hooks and pullers, including flexible tools that have a flexible shaft and rigid tools that contain a rigid shaft. Aside from a flexible or rigid shaft they may be differentiated by the tip type, sizing, and available features.


Tip Types


Brush tips have metallic bristles, most commonly brass or bronze, that clean the sealing face or stuffing box of any residual material after the bulk of the packing material has been removed.


Corkscrew tips are predominantly manufactured from tempered steel and resemble a wine bottle opener. Tempered steel is used as it increases the strength and durability of the tool tip.


Oakum puller tips remove fibrous packing such as oakum, which is a tarred fiber commonly used for packing in marine and cast iron pipe plumbing applications.


Pick tips are solid shafts with an angled pointed tip and remove packing materials that are loose or break up easy.


Wood screw tips have a wood screw-style thread and remove hardened packing materials when a corkscrew tip is unable to get a bite on the packing material.




Packing hooks and extractors are specified by their length and shaft diameter. They are offered in gauged, caliber, or nominal sizes and are selected according to the size of the packing gland within the valve or pump.




Replaceable tips allow the same tool to be used with more than one tip type. Tool life may also be increased as the wear component, a corkscrew or other specialized tip, may be replaced when it becomes worn, bent, or fractured.


Tools sets are composed of rigid or flexible packing hooks, replaceable tips, pry bars, Allen wrenches, or other packing and extraction tools that service packing materials.


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