Thyristor Surge Suppressors Information

Thyristor surge suppressors are semiconductor chips used to protect circuits and devices from over-voltage and over-current. A thyristor surge suppressor protects electronic equipment and sensitive audio and video devices from damaging power conditions. There are many different types of a surge suppression device. Examples include a surge line protection device, a power surge protection device, and a thyristor SCR. A surge line protection device protects incoming telephone and electrical lines. A power surge protection device protects or shields electronic devices against transient voltages from sudden surges in electrical power. A thyristor SCR is a silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) used with high current or high voltage applications to control an alternating current (AC). A thyristor control can be used to protect an electrical line that is located at an electric meter or main electrical panel. Specialized thyristor surge suppressors are also commonly available.

Applications, Specifications and Features

Thyristor surge suppressors differ in terms of applications, specifications, and features. A general-purpose surge protection product can protect a communication or power line from damage. A thyristor surge suppressor features a high-surge current capability of 50 amps and bidirectional protection. When a power surge occurs, the thyristor surge suppressor shorts-out to prevent continued operation.  A surge line protection device protects programmable logic controllers (PLC), PLC networks, and computer circuits against high voltages. A power surge protection device channels the extra voltage into the grounding wire of the outlet and prevents it from flowing through electronic devices; however, the proper voltage is allowed to flow through its normal path. In some ways, a thyristor SCR behaves like a Schottky diode when the gate terminal in a device is left unconnected.



Thyristor surge suppressors are used in many applications and comply with published standards for safety. Some thyristor surge suppressors are used to protect electronic circuits in computers, electronic appliances, or consumer goods. Others are used in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Thyristor surge suppressors that bear the UL Mark comply with safety standards from Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Thyristor surge suppressors that comply with requirements from the European Union (EU) or other international or multi-national organizations also available.