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Audio switch matrixAudio switch matrices are electronic switching instruments for interfacing audio signals in scanning, recording, and analysis systems. Audio switch matrices can be used in many kinds of communication applications, from managing communications between aircraft and air traffic control to providing digital switching capabilities for audio and video media systems.


Some audio switch matrices are controlled through an instrument panel on the audio switch matrix itself. Others are remotely controlled.

An audio switch matrix for logistic or military communication can capture and route signals in airborne, shipboard, or surface applications.

A logistic audio switch matrix may also be integrated with computer-based applications to enable replay and archiving features.

A hybrid switch matrix includes the capacity to handle both audio and video signals.

An audio video matrix switch can switch both audio and video signals from various inputs to multiple displays, such as computer monitors or projectors and speakers. Audio video matrix switches are frequently used to manage the multiple signals from computers without compromising image or sound quality.


Audio video switch matrices are used in classrooms and for business conferences and trade shows. They may also be used in control rooms.


An audio switch matrix may include switches that work with voice analysis systems, fax machines, and acoustically-actuated electrical switches. A voice analysis system may be used by a business to monitor call center personnel or used by law enforcement departments to compare the voice profiles of potential suspects. Other audio switches include a voice fax switch, which allows a fax machine and telephone to work from one line. To avoid the expense of having two separate phone lines, a fax voice switch may be used. Fax voice switches are line-sharing devices that switch back and forth to route incoming calls to the intended device. Another type of audio switch is an acoustic electrical switch designed for sub-sea electrical devices. An acoustic electrical switch is a device, such as a transponder, that can actuate an electrical switch through the use of an audio signal. These devices may be used to actuate valves for the inflation of buoyancy equipment.

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