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5G & Digital Networking (Archives)
(12 issues/year) Get the most important news, product releases and research from the world of telecommunications, relating to 5G, 6G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and other data sharing technologies, and providing a high-level review of the widespread impact in all industries from these technologies.

Acoustics & Audio Technology (Archives)
(4 issues/year) News and insights about all things audio engineering. Learn about audio chips, microphones, cutting-edge headphone technologies, recording technologies, connectors, sound abatement and anechoic technologies and more.

Aerospace Technology (Archives)
(24 issues/year) Covering the technologies, products and data that power aircraft, drones, spacecraft and satellites.

Alternative & Renewable Energy (Archives)
(12 issues/year) Renewable energy news and features cover solar, wind, hydroelectric and other alternative energy technologies.

Appliance Technology (Archives)
(6 issues/year) Design, performance and component trends for consumer, commercial and medical appliances are tracked.

Automotive Technology (Archives)
(20 issues/year) Focuses on new developments in the automotive space including electric and self-driving vehicles as well as autonomous trucks and other emerging means of transportations such as eBikes and scooters.

Careers & Education (Archives)
(12 issues/year) "For practicing, prospective and retired engineers, stay up to date on all aspects of the engineering career. From college and coursework, to licensing and continuing education, and engineering management and quality of life – this is the comprehensive newsletter to life as an engineer.

Access to career tips, trends and opportunities for current engineers, challenges and insights into engineering management, and news updates on those studying to be tomorrow's engineers. "

Chemical Manufacturing (Archives)
(12 issues/year) News and analysis on the production of chemical agents and solutions - everything from acids, dyes or drugs to rubber and polymer materials.

Coatings & Surface Engineering (Archives)
(12 issues/year) Offers insights into the latest developments in the surface engineering industry, with a focus on films, coatings and other surface technology.

Components for RF & Microwave (Archives)
(6 issues/year) Reports on the latest developments and applications for microwave and radio frequency systems.

Connected Electronics (Archives)
(4 issues/year) Get news and analysis on the smart, interconnected technologies and devices that are creating automation and efficiencies on a personal level. Smart phones, networking technology, cloud and edge computing, smart homes, software, consumer robots and more – it is all here.

Construction Equipment (Archives)
(6 issues/year) Analysis on the latest in construction equipment and technologies, including tools, trucks, cranes, material handling equipment and safety gear.

Data Acquisition (Archives)
(6 issues/year) Focuses on measurement of machinery or conditions, and the conversion of that data into a digital medium for monitoring and management.

Defense & Security Technology (Archives)
(12 issues/year) Offers readers the latest on the defense and security realm, including military, cyber security, data privacy, personal security and everything in between.

Display Technologies (Archives)
(6 issues/year) Offers information on interface many kinds, including LED and LCD displays, touchscreens, flat panels, interfaces, work stations and more.

Electrical Components (Archives)
(12 issues/year) Reports new developments in batteries, power supplies, capacitors and other components used to design consumer and commercial products.

Electronic Components (Archives)
(26 issues/year) Delivers information on circuit boards, interconnect devices and other components used to design and manufacture consumer electronics, computers and industrial equipment.

Electronic Design Solutions (Archives)
(12 issues/year) The latest news, data and technologies that help electronics engineers design and select innovative components, systems and products for consumer and industrial markets. Stay informed about advances in electronic hardware and embedded software.

Electronic Test Equipment (Archives)
(12 issues/year) Details the emerging and established systems for electronic test equipment including extreme ultraviolet lithography, wafer cleaning systems, analysis platforms, oscilloscopes and other equipment.

Electronics360 (Archives)
(Weekly) Electronics360 Weekly features the top stories, latest news, charts and more from Electronics360.

Engineering in Motion (Archives)
(Weekly) Videos of interesting, creative or innovative new technologies from a variety of industries.

Environmental Technology (Archives)
(6 issues/year) Reports on sustainability, pollution control, waste management, conservation and enviromental technology.

Factory Engineering (Archives)
(12 issues/year) A look at news, data and studies from the manufacturing engineering, facilities management and construction fields.

Fastening, Joining & Assembly (Archives)
(12 issues/year) Offers news and analysis on mechanical fasteners, welding and joining processes, assembly equipment and processes, and joint inspection.

Fluid Control (Archives)
(12 issues/year) Stay in touch with novel solutions, insights and news from the world of fluid control. We focus on pumps, valves, seals, meters and other devices that permit, amplify or restrict any type of fluid – water, chemical, hydraulic or otherwise.

Food & Beverage Technology (Archives)
(12 issues/year) News and insights in food processing, quality control, distribution, plant processing technology and sanitation.

Healthcare Engineering (Archives)
(26 issues/year) Focuses on a range of health care technologies and innovations including wearables, sensors and automation among others.

HVAC (Archives)
(12 issues/year) Provides technological news, features, analysis and product briefs for climate control engineers and professionals.

Hydraulics & Pneumatics (Archives)
(12 issues/year) Details the latest developments and research surrounding hydraulic and pneumatic technologies.

Industrial IoT (Archives)
(18 issues/year) Details the systems and associated components surrounding automated manufacturing, assembly and inspection.

Industrial MRO (Archives)
(4 issues/year) Provides news and analysis into emerging and current maintainance, repair and operations of industrial and electronic processes.

Industrial Processing Equipment (Archives)
(18 issues/year) Focuses on motors and drives, conveyors, filtration systems, mixing and blending equipment and other products and solutions used in large-scale manufacturing of fluids, gases, and powders.

Innovators & Makers (Archives)
(12 issues/year) Coverage of novel innovations, materials and applications, including those who operate 3D printers, laser cutters, Raspberry Pi, Arduinos and other high-tech machinery in a hobbyist, artisan or entrepreneurial capacity.

Lab Equipment (Archives)
(12 issues/year) News and info on scientific instruments, equipment and materials for industrial R&D, manufacturing and healthcare engineering.

Light & Laser (Archives)
(12 issues/year) The latest news and analysis into laser technologies and the manipulation and distribution of light such as emerging LEDs and their uses across a variety of industries.

Machining & Metal Working (Archives)
(12 issues/year) Offers information and in-depth analysis about drilling, cutting and surface preparation, as well as welding and metal joining technologies.

Manufacturing Technology (Archives)
(Weekly) News, features, products and more about modern manufacturing - robotics, machinery, process engineering, Industry 4.0, product development and more.

Material Handling & Logistics (Archives)
(12 issues/year) Covers assorted topics including industrial automation, material handling, design and analysis software, mechanical components, networking and communications, display technologies, drives, electrical components, mechanical power transmission, motion control components, motors, robotic systems, sensors and switches and wireless technology to name just a few.

Materials Solutions (Archives)
(12 issues/year) Delivers news on the synthesis and application of metals, specialty alloys, glass, ceramics, fibers and fabrics, plastics and composite materials.

Mechanical Components (Archives)
(12 issues/year) Info on the mechanical parts that drive machinery, such as fasteners, power transmission, seals, springs, shock and vibration, solenoids, tools and bearings.

Mechanical Power Transmission (Archives)
(4 issues/year) Provides insights from the world of mechanical power transmission. Topics include power system components like brakes, clutches, chains and couplings, as well as new system designs.

Military & Ruggedized Electronics (Archives)
(6 issues/year) Provides news about new mission-critical electronics-focused projects and systems designed for military, aerospace and defense use.

Motion Control Components (Archives)
(12 issues/year) News and analysis from the world of mechanical motion controls. Bearings, motors and tranmissions, actuators, sensors, slides, spings and much, much more.

Motors & Drives (Archives)
(12 issues/year) New developments and case studies pertinent to engineers designing or specifying AC, DC, servo and other motors and associated drive types.

Oil & Gas Technology (Archives)
(12 issues/year) Covers oil and gas topics ranging from exploration and drilling to tank filling and product processing.

Polymer & Composite Materials (Archives)
(6 issues/year) Delivers the latest in new plastic materials across all industries, including thermoplastics, thermosets, composites, surface technologies and composites.

Power Grid Technology (Archives)
(18 issues/year) Reports trends in centralized and on-site power production, transmission & distribution, prime movers, fuels and generation technologies.

Power Supplies & Devices (Archives)
(12 issues/year) Tracks new developments in power supply systems and components integral to computers, telecommunications, process control and automation.

Process Technology (Archives)
(24 issues/year) Delivers content and news on the chemical manufacturing of fluids, gases and powders from raw materials.

Product Design Software (Archives)
(6 issues/year) New simulation products and trends that help design and product engineers investigate thermal, mechanical, electrical or other effects.

Quality, Test & Measurement (Archives)
(20 issues/year) New methods and equipment developed to prevent and eliminate product and process defects are identified for engineers engaged in new product inspection and performance verification.

Robots & Automation (Archives)
(12 issues/year) News on key robotics technologies, including software, motion control, power supplies, materials and machine learning, as well as emerging applications.

Scientific Instruments (Archives)
(4 issues/year) Offers insights on scientific instruments, apparatus, software, detectors and technqiues in science research.

Semiconductor Manufacturing (Archives)
(12 issues/year) Insights into semiconductor manufacturing, and the MEMS technologies that use semiconductors.

Sensing Technologies (Archives)
(24 issues/year) News, features, products and analysis about the latest MEMS, sensors and switches and their use in emerging and established technologies.

Shock, Vibration & Noise (Archives)
(4 issues/year) Reports, analysis and data for solutions to prevent or minimize industrial shock, vibration and noise.

Software Engineering & Programming (Archives)
(6 issues/year) The news, resources and knowledge needed to advance in the software engineering industry.

Specs & Techs (Archives)
(Weekly) Covers all the technologies engineers need for new product development: from mechanical, electrical, and electronic components to engineering software, fluid power, materials, and more.

Structural & Civil Engineering (Archives)
(12 issues/year) Gather insights and updates from the world of civil engineering, from the design and architecture phase all the way through construction. We cover the materials, tools and technologies that bring buildings, residences, roadways, utilities and more to life.

The Marketing Maven (Archives)
(12 issues/year) Covers all the technologies engineers need for new product development: from mechanical, electrical, and electronic components to engineering software, fluid power, materials, and more.

Transportation Technology (Archives)
(18 issues/year) News, products and analysis on the transportation industry and supply chain. Land, sea, air and space - it all fits here.

Water & Wastewater Systems (Archives)
(12 issues/year) News for industrial and municipal water/wastewater system operators covers treatment and delivery technologies, products and regulations.

Wire & Cable Technology (Archives)
(12 issues/year) News of interest for manufacturers and users of various wire and cable technologies and assemblies in the electrical, communications and other sectors.

Wireless Technology (Archives)
(12 issues/year) News and analysis into the latest smartphones and other internet connected devices including those powered by 5G and related networking technologies.

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