Information systems service companies design, install and maintain data and voice communications networks.
Information Systems Services Categories

Application Service Providers (136 suppliers)

Application service providers (ASP) or software as a service providers (SaaS) are companies that provide software or other computer-based services over the Internet from a data center. ASP is sometimes known as software on demand.

Cloud Computing Services (211 suppliers)

Cloud computing services is the set of hardware and software computing resources that are supplied over the Internet or a network. There are many such services: infrastructure as a service, storage as a service, data as a service, etc.

Data Recovery Services (55 suppliers)

Data recovery services enable the retrieval of inaccessible or contaminated data from a secondary storage media that has been damaged.

Data Storage and Management Services (738 suppliers)

Data storage and management services provide remote storage of data or management of network data storage devices.

Domain Registration Services (65 suppliers)

Domain registration services register URLs as well as transferring and auctioning registered domains.

E-commerce Services (562 suppliers)

E-commerce services provide technical expertise for selling goods and services online.

Information and Database Services (652 suppliers)

Information and database services build, manage and/or provide access to databases and indexes of technical and business information.

Information Technology (IT) Consulting Services (2,137 suppliers)

Information technology (IT) consulting services help design, develop and maintain the hardware and software components of computer systems.

Information Technology (IT) Staffing Services (699 suppliers)

Information technology (IT) staffing services provide temporary or permanent workers who troubleshoot and repair computers, operate help desks, and support voice and data networks.

Mobile Application (App) Development (52 suppliers)

Mobile application (app) development is a service for the creation of application software for mobiles devices.

Network Design and Development Services (1,396 suppliers)

Network design and development services design network topologies and ensure that all network devices can communicate with one another.

Network Security Services (748 suppliers)

Network security services determine vulnerability of networks to outside intruders, as well as maintain anti-viral and firewall updates and usage.

Network System Integrators (968 suppliers)

Network system integrators install and setup computer networks, as well as add components to existing systems.

Network Wiring and Cabling Services (432 suppliers)

Network wiring and network cabling services install copper and fiber optic cable within buildings or central offices.

Software Development Services (2,251 suppliers)

Software development services design custom software for a variety of applications.

Software Testing and Usability Services (11 suppliers)

Software testing and usability services evaluate software for performance, quality, user documentation, code documentation, compliance to standards and user friendliness for markets such as desktop, mobile, ecommerce, visualization and gaming.

Specialty Information Technology (IT) Services (435 suppliers)

Specialty information technology (IT) services handle specialized or proprietary processes related to IT applications.

Teleconferencing and Webcast Services (125 suppliers)

Teleconferencing and webcast service providers host video conferencing or webinars for business presentations.

Web Hosting Services (834 suppliers)

Web hosting services are companies that provide server space for web sites, email, and other online systems.

Website Development and Optimization Services (2,627 suppliers)

Website development and website optimization services providers design, publish, market and/or perform SEO operations for websites.


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Category: Application Service Providers
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