Devices that are used to acquire and retain data (digital or analog) from sensors or other sources.

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Chart Recorders (272 suppliers)

Chart recorders and strip charts are data acquisition tools used to generate a plot, graph or other visualization of data versus time.
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Paper recording charts and consumables consist of circular charts, strip charts, markers, fanfolds, sheets, pens, and pen arms used in chart and strip recording instruments.
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Data Acquisition (2,035 suppliers)

Data acquisition is the digitizing and processing of multiple sensor or signal inputs for the purpose of monitoring, analyzing and/or controlling systems and processes. Signal conditioning includes the amplification, filtering, converting, and other processes required to make sensor output suitable for rereading by computer boards.
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Data loggers and data recorders acquire digital data from sensors and other signals. They are primarily used to store data for subsequent downloads to a host PC, but may also include real-time features such as monitors and alarms.
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