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Robotics Categories

Collision Sensors (17 suppliers)

Collision sensors are used to protect robots from colliding with other objects. Noncontact sensors are used to help robots avoid these collisions.

Drilling and Tapping End Effectors (16 suppliers)

Drilling and tapping end effectors attach to the end of a robotic arm, and perform machining of holes and threads in a target material. The effectors are adapted to the end of an articulating robotic arm, often via an interfacing device called an automated tool changer (ATC). A common application for drilling and tapping end effectors is on automobile manufacturing assembly lines.

Exoskeletons and Wearable Robotics (10 suppliers)

Exoskeletons and Wearable Robotics are powered or passive bionic devices, exosuits or human augmentation systems (HASs), which provide operators with tool holding and lift assistance. They are used in manufacturing, construction and assembly to improve ergonomics, reduce fatigue, decrease injuries and increase productivity.

Grippers (273 suppliers)

Grippers activate jaws or fingers to pick up, hold, or move work pieces in an automated or robotic system.

Robot Software (88 suppliers)

Robot Software is used for programming robots to insturt the device to perform certain autonomous tasks.

Robotic Deburring Tools (17 suppliers)

Robotic deburring tools are robotic end-effectors for removing burrs, flashing, and other unwanted edge properties caused by cutting or machining.

Robotic Tool Changers (49 suppliers)

Robotic tool changers attach various working tools to the end of a robots arm.

Robots (915 suppliers)

Robots are programmable manipulators that contain rotary and/or prismatic joints in order to perform precise, repetitive movements. They are designed to move parts, tools, materials, and devices through variable, programmed motions. Types of products include articulated, Cartesian, cylindrical, gantry, parallel (hexapods), SCARA, and spherical robots.

Sprue Pickers (17 suppliers)

Sprue pickers are industrial robots that are designed to remove sprue from molded parts. The term sprue refers to the passage through which liquid or molten material is introduced, and to the excess material that forms. During plastic molding operations, the material in the sprue solidifies and must be removed from the finished part..

Teach Pendants (10 suppliers)

Teach pendants are a specific type of industrial pendant. They are devices equipped with switches and dials used to control a robot's movements to and from desired points within a determined space.


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Category: Collision Sensors
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