IC timing devices are integrated circuits that generate, control, keep, and apply time and frequency to electronic systems.
Timing Circuits Categories

Crystals (395 suppliers)

Crystals are naturally occurring materials that can be induced to resonate (vibrate) at an exact frequency. Quartz, a piezoelectric crystal that provides excellent mechanical and electrical stability, acquires a charge when compressed, twisted, or distorted.

Delay Lines (82 suppliers)

Delay lines are devices used to slow down a signal by a time interval in an electrical network. There are two basic delay line technologies: passive and active. 

IC Clocks (114 suppliers)

IC clocks are semiconductor integrated circuits (ICs) that are designed to keep time.

IC Phase-locked Loops (PLL) (71 suppliers)

IC phase-locked loops (PLL) are closed-loop frequency controls that are based on the phase difference between the input signal and the output signal of a controlled oscillator.

IC Signal Generators (40 suppliers)

IC waveform generators provide several different waveforms or functions at the desired frequency.

IC Timers (74 suppliers)

IC timers are semiconductor circuits that generate or set timing for electronic circuits.

Oscillators (534 suppliers)

Oscillators are devices that are used to generate repetitive signals. They produce output signals without an input signal. There are two major types of electronic oscillators: harmonic oscillators and relaxation oscillators. Harmonic oscillators produce sine wave outputs. Relaxation oscillators produce non-sine wave outputs such as square wave, rectangular wave, and sawtooth outputs.

Resonators (173 suppliers)

Resonators are frequency-selective electronic circuits that can produce a fixed (resonant) frequency when properly excited. The value of the resonant frequency depends on the circuit’s components (e.g., inductors, resistors, capacitors, crystals, etc.).


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Category: Crystals
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