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IC timers are programmable semiconductor circuits that generate or set timing for electronic circuits. These chipsIC Timer function as single or multi-function units. An IC timer working is based on an external capacitor for determining on and off intervals in the output pulse. Timer chips differ in function based on their counting sequence. In an up direction function of an IC timer, the counter can advance forward in the counting sequence. In a down counter function, the counter can advance backward. In the bi-direction function, the chip can set the counter for either forward or backward counting sequence. There are many different types of IC timers. Examples include a microPC1555 and a microPC617. A MicroPC1555 timer chip is used as a timing signal generator and can act as a stable and monostable generators. A MicroPC617 timer chip is used for driving lamps and relays and can act as a timing signal generator for this purpose. Other IC timers are commonly available.


How Do IC Timers Function?

IC TimerThere are several ways in which IC timers function. IC timers or electronic timers work on the principle of elapsed time and real time. Elapsed and real time are used for activating the output signal when the signal achieves the preset time. A MicroPC1555 IC timer requires a supply voltage of 4.5 to 16 volts and an operating current range of 3 mA. This electronic timer also supports temperature stability of 0.005% per degree Celsius for semiconductor timers present in it. A MicroPC617 should have an output current capacity of 200mA. This semiconductor timer should also have rising and falling time of 100 nano seconds and a supply capacitive voltage of 5 volts. IC timers are designed and manufactured to meet most industry specifications.



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IC timers are used in count totalizers, batch counters, and interval delay timers. In addition, IC timers are also used in position indicators, tachometers, controllers, and frequency counters. IC timers should adhere to American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) standards.



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