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The literal interpretation of la carte is 'from or off the card to order.' The course structure for all modern menus is governed technically by the la carte menu. This classic format is based on the original French la carte menu form, which in former times comprised 16 courses with or without a choice in each course for guests to choose from. Each menu item was individually priced. The classic French la carte chronological course structure is as follows: appetizers; soups; farinaceous dishes; eggs; fish and shellfish; entr es; grills; roasts; vegetables; salads; cold buffet items; sweets; ices; savories; cheeses; and chocolates, fruits, and bonbons.

In its modern and reduced format the la carte menu has all the dishes that are offered to the guest listed, described, and individually priced. The la carte menu is designed to enable guests to choose the meal according to their needs and tastes. An la carte menu therefore should provide:

  • A full listing and description of menu items available to the guest on a 'to order' basis

  • A separate price for each menu item listed

  • Menu items that are prepared and cooked to order

  • A choice of menu items within each course

  • A limitation of menu items offered in accordance with operational scope

  • A representation or interpretation of the type of operation or cuisine/dining theme offered.


The menu term 'entr e' is used in the United States to denote...

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