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Persuasive Technology: Using Computers to Change What We Think and Do

The Web Credibility Grid

The Web Credibility Framework can be extended to another level when it is combined with the four types of credibility described in Chapter 6 presumed, reputed, surface, and earned. These two perspectives can be integrated to create a grid (Table 7.14) that captures many elements of a Web experience.

Table 7.14: Web Credibility Grid

Presumed credibility

Reputed credibility

Surface credibility

Earned credibility

Based on general assumptions in the user s mind

Based on third-party endorsements, reports, or referrals

Based on simple inspection, first impressions

Based on firsthand experience that extends over time


Site operator
Person or organization

The source is a nonprofit organization.

The person writing the Web article is a recognized expert.

Users are familiar with the source s brand outside the Web.

The source always sends quick answers to site users questions.

Site content
Information, functionality

The site has ads from reputable companies.

The content has been endorsed by a respected outside agency (e.g., the Health on the Net Foundation).

The site appears to have lots of relevant information.

The site s content has always been accurate and unbiased.

Site design
Information, technical, aesthetic, interaction

The site has a search feature on the top page.

The site won an award for technical achievement.

The site has a pleasing visual design.

The site is easy to navigate.

The Web Credibility Grid illustrates that the study of Web credibility has many facets, from brand perception of a company to the...


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