From Principles of Project Finance

Glossary and Abbreviations

Technical terms used in this book which are mainly peculiar to project finance are capitalised, and briefly explained in this Glossary, with cross-references to the places in the main text where a fuller explanation can be found; other financial terms used in the book are also explained and cross-referenced in the Glossary, as are the various abbreviations used.


Failure by the Sponsors to continue with the construction or operation of the project. See 6.8.1
accreting swap
An interest rate swap drawn in installments to match drawing of the notional principal amount. See 9.2.1
acknowledgements and consents

See Direct Agreement(s).

Asian Development Bank, a regional IFI. See 11.6.5
Annual Debt Service Cover Ratio, the ratio between operating cash flow and debt service over any one year of the project. See 12.9.1
advance payment guarantee
Security provided by the EPC Contractor for amounts paid in advance under the EPC Contract by the Project Company. See 7.1.10
African Development Bank, a regional IFI. See 11.6.6
agent bank
The bank liasing between the Project Company and its lenders. See 5.1.8; 13.12
All Risks insurance
Insurance against physical damage to the project during operation. See 7.6.2
ALOP insurance
Advance Loss of Profits insurance.

See also DSU insurance.

amortizing swap
An interest rate swap reduced in installments to match reductions in the notional principal...

Products & Services
Billing Software
Billing software is used to send accounts to customers for products and services. Billing Software processes orders, invoices and credit cards.
Banking Software
Banking software offers high-end technological and economical banking solutions to mid and large-size banks worldwide. Banking software equips banks with the latest technology trends in banking.
Business Insurance Services
Business insurance services provide insurance policies that protect businesses against financial loss. They also sell health, liability, accidental death, and workers compensation insurance; and provide policies against theft and lawsuits.
Accounting and Financial Services
Accounting and finance services are focused on properly recording the exchange of money and providing/investing capital. Investment and venture capital specialists are included in this group.
RFID tags are microchips that assign an electronic identity to an article so it can be tracked electronically. RFID tags communicate with RFID readers via short-range radio frequencies. They are sometimes called transponders.

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