Structure, Properties, and Applications of Various Alloys

Industrial Application of Alloys

Alloys have been used in industries for a long time. Few widely used applications are:

  • Stainless Steel is used in wire and ribbon forms for applications, such as screening, staple, belt, cable, weld, metalizing, catheter, and suture wire.

  • Alloys of Gold and Silver are used in the preparation of jewelry. White Gold, which is an alloy of Gold, Silver, Palladium, and Nickel is used as cheap alternative of Platinum. A wide selection of alloys is used in welding applications by numerous industries.

  • Some alloys function as corrosion-resistant materials and are used in moisture rich-environments.

  • High temperature alloys have been used for many aerospace and petrochemical applications. In addition, they have been used for welding wire, where elevated temperatures and harsh environments are routinely encountered. These alloys have been used in applications where corrosion resistance and high strength must be maintained at elevated temperatures.

  • Magnetic alloys are used for magnetic cores and dry reed switches. Quality control measures include magnetic testing to maintain consistently high standards of uniformity and performance.

  • Alloys are also used to produce internal and external leads.

  • Nickel-Chromium, Nickel-Chromium-Iron, and Iron-Chromium-Aluminum alloys have been used for high-temperature heating elements.

  • Some alloys are used as resistance elements to control or measure electric current. Applications have included wire-wound resistors, rheostats, potentiometers, and shunts.

  • Thermocouple alloys have found a wide-range of use in temperature sensing and control.

  • Alloys are also used as thermostat metals, radio and electronic devices, precision devises in aircraft controls, telecommunications, automotive applications, and...


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Category: Nickel and Nickel Alloys
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