From Maintenance Management: Its Auditing and Benchmarking: In Search of Maintenance Management Excellence

Two case studies will demonstrate how the business-centered maintenance approach can assist the reviewing of maintenance strategy for the particular case of an equipment fleet. The first of the studies will also show how a mining operation, using such a fleet, can be modelled as a process flow.

Case Study 4: a Mining Vehicle Fleet

MAXCOAL Ltd, a coal extraction business, ran two underground mines and an adjacent open-cast mine, as outlined in Figure 11-1. Emphasised in the diagram is the open-cast operation, which started with the stripping and removal of the overburden (the soil and rock above the coal seam) using drilling, explosives and a dragline. Coal from the exposed seam (which was some metres thick) was then extracted and loaded into trucks for haulage to the preparation plant, where it was firstly crushed and then washed and graded before finally being conveyed to a nearby rail head for transportation. There were a number of points of interstage storage and also a final product storage, which gave operational flexibility to each individual process and also to the activity as a whole.

Figure 11-1: Coalcom Open-cast Process Flow

The main feature was that the process depended to a large extent on the performance of small fleets of diesel-powered equipment. For example, five frontend loaders for the mining operations and eight large dump trucks for the haulage. (Other mobile equipment included dozers, scrapers, graders, drills, etc.) It is this equipment rather than the fixed or semi-fixed units such as coal washing plant,...

Products & Services
Longwall Shearers
Longwall shearers cut away the face of a coal seam in longwall mining operations by mounting over an armored face conveyor.
Highwall Miners
Highwall miners link underground and surface mining operations by extracting coal from exposed horizontal seams in open-pit mines.
Mining Machines
Mining machines include tunnel boring machines (TBM) and boring rigs, roof bolting rigs, rock crushing vehicles, and other heavy equipment used for tunneling and mine excavation.
Roof Supports (mining)
Roof supports provide a means of temporary supporting overburden in longwall mining operations.
Mining Shovels
Mining shovels are large excavation tools used in surface mining applications to strip overburden materials and load coal, mineral ores, sand, and other natural resources.

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