SFPE Handbook of Fire Protection Engineering

SFPE Handbook of Fire Protection Engineering, Third Edition

Philip J. DiNenno, P.E. (Hughes Associates, Inc.), Editor-in-Chief
Dougal Drysdale, PhD. (University of Edinburgh), Section 1
Craig L. Beyler, PhD. (Hughes Associates, Inc.), Section 2
W. Douglas Walton, P.E. (National Institute of Standards and Technology), Section 3
Richard L. P. Custer (Arup Fire USA), Section 4
John R. Hall, Jr., PhD. (National Fire Protection Association), Section 5
John M. Watts, Jr., PhD. (The Fire Safety Institute), Section 5

Product Manager: Pam Powell
Developmental Editor: Robine Andrau
Editorial-Production Services: Omegatype Typography, Inc.
Interior Design: Omegatype Typography, Inc.
Composition: Omegatype Typography, Inc.
Cover Design: Twist Creative Group
Manufacturing Manager: Ellen Glisker
Printer: Courier/Westford

Copyright 2002 by the Society of Fire Protection Engineers
Published by the National Fire Protection Association
National Fire Protection Association, Inc.
One Batterymarch Park
Quincy, Massachusetts 02269

All rights reserved. No part of the material protected by this copyright notice may be reproduced or utilized in any form without acknowledgment of the copyright owner nor may it be used in any form for resale without written permission from the copyright owner.

Notice Concerning Liability: Publication of this work is for the purpose of circulating information and opinion among those concerned for fire and electrical safety and related subjects. While every effort has been made to achieve a work of high quality, neither the NFPA nor the authors and contributors to this work guarantee the accuracy or completeness of or assume any liability in connection with the information and opinions...


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