Custom Products

Branch Environmental Corp. offers custom manufacturing for these products:

Adsorption Equipment

Can be added to an existing pollution control system as a final stage for removal of certain contaminants. Made of corrosion resistant fiberglass material for long service. Compact modular design for easy and economical installation. Various types of activated carbon available for different applications. (read more)

Air Strippers

Branch provides custom built Air Stripper units for removal of voc, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and other volatile components from water. With our experience in complete systems, we can provide you with all of the related components and controls for a trouble free installation. (read more)

All performance levels guaranteed

Virtually all materials of construction available

Capacities up to 3000 gpm (681 m3/h) in single units

Complete systems available (read more)


Custom designed to fit your specific application.

  • All performance levels are guaranteed.
  • Virtually any material of construction is available.
  • Complete packages with all components including controls, control panel, fans and pumps for a complete single source responsibility.
  • Shop fabricated units up to 50,000 cfm / 8,500 m3/h. Larger units are.../li>
(read more)

Selective Catalytic Reduction – SCR involves the use of a catalyst that is selective to promote the reaction of Ammonia and N0x to form Nitrogen and water. (read more)

Branch Environmental supplies custom built scrubbers and systems for air pollution control. From small units to large custom designed units, you receive competitive pricing with the highest reliability and assurance it can work right the first time. (read more)

Jet Venturi Scrubbers use the energy from the liquid sprayed under pressure to move the air, scrub the gas and remove dust. Jet Venturi allow the use of high liquid rates which are necessary for some applications. For example, emergency chlorine Scrubbers often use this design (read more)

Thermal Oxidizers and Catalytic Oxidizers

There are definitely applications where a Catalytic unit is the best choice and it is a benefit to you to use a company like Branch to help you decide which is the lowest cost option for you. (read more)

Branch can provide standard design or custom built oxidation systems for thermal destruction of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and other gases that can be eliminated by thermal destruction. (read more)