Custom Products

Dexmet Corporation offers custom manufacturing for these products:

Electrodes and Electrode Materials

Dexmet introduces new thinner expanded foils for anode and cathode materials.

Dexmet Corporation adds new line of materials for use in lithium ion applications. (read more)

In 2014 Dexmet introduced the 25 micron thick expanded metal current conducting foils for Li-ion battery at The Battery Show in Novi, Michigan. (read more)

EMI and RFI Shielding

MicroGrid® precision-expanded metal foils for protection against EMI/RFI and ESD. (read more)

Perforated Sheet Materials

PolyGrid® precision-expanded plastics from Dexmet are used in filtration applications requiring membrane support, purification and separation. Other uses encompass the following industries: electronics, aerospace, medical, food packaging, automotive and wherever mesh and perforated plastics with high precision, mechanical and electrical properties are required. (read more)