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Custom Products

GEEPLUS Inc. offers custom manufacturing for these products:


GEEPLUS Inc. manufactures custom electromagnets/holding magnets to match your specifications. (read more)

Linear Solenoids

Geeplus is a worldwide specialist in the design and manufacture of both standard and customized electromechanical actuators. These actuation devices-including a wide range of linear solenoids (i.e. push-pull solenoids, tubular solenoids, open frame solenoids, proportional solenoids, voice coils, etc.), rotary solenoids (i.e. 3-ball rotary solenoids, bi-stable rotary solenoids) electromag... (read more)


Geeplus, a leading designer and manufacturer of both Linear Solenoids and Rotary Solenoids, is now offering a service which helps designers and manufacturers to find exact or compatible solenoids to those that have become difficult to track down.

Simply send an email to info@Geeplus.biz, (read more)

Custom Actuator Solutions

Solenoids and other actuators are, in part, designed to be generic in order to cover a wide range of applications. But that doesn't mean that a standard product will be the most efficient or effective solution.

One of our key competencies at Geeplus is the design and development of advanced custom solutions, which integrate with your applica... (read more)

Geeplus engineers have developed a very useful and cost-effective linear solenoid that supplies semi-proportional control at a fraction of the price of a proportional solenoid. (read more)

GEEPLUS Inc. manufactures custom linear solenoids to match your specifications. (read more)

Rotary Solenoids

GEEPLUS Inc. manufactures custom rotary solenoids to match your specifications. (read more)

Geeplus engineers have developed an impressive rotary solenoid that exhibits semi-proportional control, at an affordable price! (read more)

Stepper Motors (rotary)

Custom Stepper Motors: Shaft configuration (including bearing), coil winding, electrical termination (read more)

Voice Coil Actuators and Motors

GEEPLUS Inc. manufactures custom voice coil actuators to match your specifications. (read more)