Actuonix Motion Devices has promoted these products / services:

Actuonix Motion Devices - Low-cost Linear Actuators for Prototypes

Download this white paper to learn the basics of linear actuators and the specific benefits of Actuonix actuators. (read more)

Actuonix Motion Devices - Low Cost, High Precision Linear Stepper Actuators

Download this white paper to learn the importance of stepper motor actuators, and key features of Actuonix's linear stepper actuator offerings. (read more)

Actuonix Motion Devices - Actuonix Linear Servos

Actuonix linear servos are the perfect solution for designers looking to operate a linear device via an RC receiver or Arduino board. (read more)

Actuonix Motion Devices - 12 Volt Mini Linear Rod Actuators - P16

The P16 is the next generation of actuator from Actuonix Motion Devices. Featuring a compact side by side design with a planetary gearbox, these units offer higher speeds, higher forces and longer life than our other units. (read more)

Actuonix Motion Devices - S20 Miniature Linear Stepper Actuators

Actuonix Motion Devices' unique line of Miniature Linear Actuators enables a new generation of motion-enabled product designs, with capabilities that have never before been combined in a device of this size. These linear stepper actuators are a superior alternative to designing your own push/pull mechanisms. (read more)

Actuonix Motion Devices - Micro Linear Servos for RC and Arduino

Actuonix L12-R, L16-R and PQ12-R series linear servos operate as a direct replacements for standard analog rotary servos. They use the same standard 3 wire connector, ground, power and signal. Actuonix Motion Devices has 21 models of affordable receiver ready RC linear servos to help you move your RC project! (read more)

Actuonix Motion Devices - Linear Actuator with a Timer Relay

The Actuonix Linear Actuator Timer Relay will allow you to easily cycle an actuator back and forth. The unit will run it's program continuously as long as power is applied. The user can set the extend and retract times independently, and the difference between the two can be used as a delay. (read more)

Actuonix Motion Devices - Linear Actuator Control Board

The Linear Actuator Control Board is a stand-alone, closed-loop control board specifically designed for Actuonix P-series micro linear actuators. The LAC simplifies designs by saving the development time, cost and processor overhead associated with direct motor control. As little as 1 digital or analog output is required for position control. (read more)

Actuonix Motion Devices - Control Linear Actuators with IOT Servo Shield

Actuonix Motion Devices’ unique line of Miniature Linear Servos just became easier to control with the IOT Servo Shield. Plug in a Particle Photon WIFI module and you'll be able to control up to 4 of our "R" series actuators using your cell phone (Android or IOS) or many of the Home Automation options offered by (read more)

Actuonix Motion Devices - 12 Volt Miniature Linear Track Actuators

Actuonix's Motion Devices is again pushing the limits of linear motion with our all-new T16 series linear track actuators. These devices use a mounting block that travels along a track rather than an extending rod (read more)

Actuonix Motion Devices - Position Feedback Micro Linear Actuators 6V /12V

The L12-P line of linear actuators feature an internal potentiometer for position feedback. They do not have an internal controller or end-limit switches. (read more)