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Category: Linear Slides and Linear Stages
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Electric Micro Linear Actuators For All Applications

Our micro linear actuators and servos are designed to save product designers the difficulties and hassle of engineering a linear stage from large and awkward motors, servos, gears and rods. We strive to offer the widest range of micro actuators available to suit any project.

Actuonix Motion Devices helps OEM companies meet the challenge of designing motion-enabled products in continually shrinking sizes and shapes. Need a custom micro linear actuator? We can help. Our team of engineers will work closely with your business to design a custom linear actuator to suit your specifications.

Why Choose Actuonix Linear Actuators?

With more than 160 models in our product lineup, Actuonix offers more stroke lengths, gear ratios and control options than anybody else. For those that needs a custom stroke length, we developed our Linear Actuator Control Board. This board gives you control over speed, end limits and sensitivity and when coupled with a P series actuator, is only $20.

R&D continues at Actuonix as we develop smaller and more cost effective linear actuators for the next generation of automation.

• Over 160 unique models to choose from
• Stroke lengths from 10mm to 300mm
• 6V and 12V input options
• We offer both rod actuators and linear track actuators
• Forces up to 300N (67lbs)
• Same-day shipping on in-stock orders
• Phone and email support
• All products under $100USD

We Also Manufacture Linear Servo Actuators

Our 'R' series linear servos are a plug and play replacement for standard R/C servos. We've worked closely with hobbyists to develop a line of 21 hobby linear servos to suit any project.

Our customers have used our linear servo actuators for retractable canopies, landing gear, camera gimbals and more. For the RC construction enthusiast, they are ideal for dump boxes, excavators, dozers and loaders.

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