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DieQua Corporation - Bellow Couplings - Zero Backlash

BC Bellows Couplings offer zero backlash & high torsional rigidity – (read more)

DieQua Corporation - High Precision DriveSpin Cycloidal Rotary Actuator

DieQua’s High Precision DriveSpin Series DS Cycloidal Rotary Actuators

The high speed rotary actuators of the DriveSpin series combine optimized servomotors and TwinSpin gears resulting in a dynamic, high-performance and very compact servo rotary actuator with high tilting torque capacity with integrated bearing. Main characteristics of DriveSpin are compact design, zero bac... (read more)

DieQua Corporation - How do I select a torque limiter?

Torque limiters and safety clutch couplings are ideally installed as physically close to the point of impact or overload as possible in order to enhance sensitivity. As with flexible couplings, the appropriate size will be found once the correct torque rating has been determined. The appropriate safety clutch will be set to disengage at a point slightly higher than the peak torque requir... (read more)

DieQua Corporation - The ultimate in precision motion control

The Tandler PL2FS inline planetary servo gearhead offers the ultimate in precision motion control. With ground, matched-set gearing, and a revolutionary motor connection, maximum performance is assured.

  • 4 sizes
  • 18 “standard” ratios up to 100:1; 8 single stage ratios, 10 two-stage ratios
  • Any ratio combination in multi-stage gearboxes up to...
(read more)
DieQua Corporation - High Precision Series M Cycloidal Reducers

DieQua’s High Precision Series M Cycloidal Reducers

This is the mini series with similar mounting and all the performance advantages of the standard designs. With only one size presently available, smaller versions are in development.

  • Zero Backlash.
  • High Tilting Moment Capacity; 44 Nm.
  • High Positioning Accuracy <1 arc minute.
  • H
(read more)
DieQua Corporation - Zero Backlash Couplings and Lineshafts

These are our zero-backlash couplings for lineshaft connections and overload protection components with precise rotary motion control. Discover the benefits of our anti-backlash couplings.


  • Stainless Bellows Couplings
  • Elastomer Jaw Couplings
  • Torque Tube Line Shafts
  • Fast Acting Torque Limiters
  • Multiple Connection Opti...
(read more)
DieQua Corporation - Tandler Hypoid Servo Gearheads

The new Tandler® Hypoid Gearbox from DieQua offers the ultimate in performance and load connection versatility for high cycle servo driven applications. As a logical extension to our precision spiral bevel program, additional single stage ratios are now available from 5:1 up to 15:1. 8 frame sizes are available with rated torque from 36-859 Nm, 6 output shaft options, and 2 levels of... (read more)

DieQua Corporation - Planetary Reducer for Packaging Machinery

DieQua Corporation Launches: The PHCH Inline Planetary Reducer, designed specifically for demanding Packaging Machinery Applications. Featuring superior Over-Hung-Load (OHL) capacities to address demanding Radial and Axial Loading requirements found in VFFS, HFFS, Pouching, Filling, Case Erecting and Cartoning Machinery.

In Summary, DieQua’s new PHCH Planetary Reducers are:... (read more)

DieQua Corporation - Compact half-way and full-wave bridge rectifiers

Half Wave & Bridge Rectifiers

These Precima half-way and full-wave bridge rectifiers are compact modules. They have been specifically designed to fit into the terminal boxes of electric motors.

The PME half-wave rectifier, which halves the supply voltage, is the most cost-effective.

The PMB full-wave bridge rectifier produces a smooth DC volt... (read more)

DieQua Corporation - Electromagnetic clutches with fast response

Precima – OLK/OLG Clutches

The OLK and OLG series electromagnetic clutches are electrically activated, but transmit torque mechanically. See all the specs and features for these electromagnetic clutches below.


  • 24VDC standard voltage
  • Backlash free torque transmission
  • Nominal temperature tested to 145C
  • Fast respon...
(read more)
DieQua Corporation - Meet high safety demands with double brakes

Precima – FDD Double Brakes

Precima FDD double brakes are two specially designed low-noise brakes that work independently of each other to meet high safety demands. Option (M) has a microswitch that monitors the function of each brake. Homologation design in accordance with EN 81 and BGV for elevator brakes has been granted. As standard the brakes are equipped with a... (read more)

DieQua Corporation - Servo Worm with right angle configuration

Servo Worm Gearheads from DieQua

While most servo applications use inline gear heads, many can benefit from right angle configuration. It allows the motor to be tucked in next to the machine frame, instead of sticking out in the aisle.

When talking most gearhead suppliers, all they have to offer is the typical two-stage bevel and planetary design. While that is a good selec... (read more)

DieQua Corporation - Screwjacks Control The Gap Positioning

Home improvements, and especially kitchen renovations, are hot topics in lifestyle TV shows and magazines. The focal point of most family’s homes is the kitchen. Selection for the countertop is a big decision. There are natural materials, laminates, and solid man-made options.

DieQua was called upon to help in the design of a machine to manufacture solid counter top material... (read more)

DieQua Corporation - Compact Drive and Steering Solutions AGV & AMR

Featuring the most compact drive and steering solutions for AGV & AMR applications. Our drive units and control units feature industry leading design and specifications, allowing for use in situations where size matters. Configuration and customization is available for all components including motors, gears, wheels, brakes, encoders, cabling and controllers.


(read more)
DieQua Corporation - The Advantages of Sealed Bearings

Sealed bearings are preferred over the unsealed alternative, but why is that? Why should sealed bearings be considered over unsealed bearings? What are the benefits of sealed ball bearings? (read more)

DieQua Corporation - Selecting & Sizing ScrewJacks

There is a widespread push in North America to replace hydraulic lifting systems with Electromechanical systems. This trend has been going on for many years in Europe and is now really taking hold in North America. Many engineers are now tasked with the job of eliminating environmentally unfriendly hydraulic oil with systems that are purely electromechanical. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - Zimm USA

New DieQua video explains the update in the relationship between Zimm and DieQua Corporation. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - Sesame Rotary Gearheads

The Sesame series of servo gearheads offers all the typical planetary design solutions plus a whole lot more. With multiple designs offered in multiple quality and precision levels, we have a wider selection of gearhead models that can meet your specific inline or right angle configuration needs, at the most cost effective price. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - Line Shaft Series L

Our Series L lineshafts and spacer couplings offer zero backlash torque transmissions over long spans, without the need for intermediate support. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - Spinea G Cycloidal Reducer

G-Series incorporates TwinSpin’s patented internal transmission designs common to all Spinea Cycloidal reducers, featuring new designs that delivers up to 71% increased torque to weight ratio, with tilting stiffness increased by 41%. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - The Best Bevel Gearboxes In The World

The Tandler series of spiral bevel gearboxes from Diequa provides precision, performance and design versatility far exceeding any other standard bevel gearbox. They are ideal choices for applications requiring precise rotary motion, high speed, heavy duty cycles, environmental protection, or customized designs. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - New ZE Evolution

DieQua Corporation announces its new ZE Series from Zimm Screw Jack
Systems with upgraded features that take Zimm’s already state-of-the-art screw jack to the
next level. ZE, short for Zimm Evolution, represents the latest design features of their dynamic and proven screw jack platform. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - VIDEO: Elastomer Couplings from DIEQUA

Provides zero backlash and vibration dampening with 4 elastomer insert options. Ideal for both servo and general power transmission applications. DieQua offers a zero backlash elastomer insert jaw coupling. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - Precision Planetary Servo Gearheads

In this video we take a look at the ServoFoxx line of gearheads from Tandler. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - DieQua Maintenance Tips

Lubrication can break down on the bronze gear wheel and wear out the softer ring gear.
Check Component Connections for Possible Breakdown or Premature Internal Failure. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - Hybrids Drive Commuters - Spiral Bevel Gear Design

With energy efficiency a hot topic, designing hybrid power plants for vehicles is growing in popularity and cost effectiveness. But the gearing necessary requires special consideration. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - Torque Limiter Finds Drive Problem During Test

Installing some type of torque limiting device in your machine system is very often a wise idea. This is especially true where there is human interaction, but it’s also smart to include them in other types of processing equipment. A common objection to designing them into standard machine designs is that they sometimes cost more than the components they are thought to protect. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - PRESS RELEASE: Sesame PGW Gearhead

DieQua Launches The PGW-Series Hollow Bore Output Planetary Reducer for Belt and lead screw linear actuator systems. Featuring; a Fully Sealed design, One-Piece Caged Planet Carrier, High Efficiency and Very Low Backlash. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - Unique Requirements For Custom Coupling Solutions

This Free whitepaper from DieQua shows the several industries that take advantage of custom coupling solutions. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - Series T - Torque Limiters from DieQua

Our ball and detent torque limiters and safety couplings are available in coupling or pulley mount designs and feature zero backlash, high rigidity, a disengagement detection ring and multiple connection options. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - VIDEO: Tandler Spiral Bevel Gearbox

Diequa offers the widest range of spiral bevel gear box models, ratios, options and special designs available. Many are high lighted in this video and the technical spec pages on our website. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - How To Mount Servo Gearheads

A common mistake that occurs during mounting is mouting horizontally. This video shows why this is not ideal. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - Sesame PGW Gearhead

Sesame PGW inline planetary gear heads are designed to bolt-on directly to linear actuator belt drive systems. High quality gears and components are utilized to create compact and rigid units with low backlash and maintenance-free operation. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - Bellow Metal Couplings

The Series B Bellow Couplings provide zero backlash and high torsional rigidity, perfect for servo and other precision applications. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - Right Angle Shaft Phasing Gearboxes

Right angle shaft phasing gearboxes are especially designed for applications requiring timing, positioning, registration or narrow-range speed control. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - Gearheads for Servo and Step Motors

Servo and Step Motor gearheads provide mechanical advantage by multiplying motor torque while reducing the driven load's reflected inertia back to the motor. DieQua offers the widest range of gear technologies providing optimal solutions far beyond the capabilities of other gearhead suppliers. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - Basic Applications for Spiral Bevel Gearbox

Diequa offers the widest range of spiral bevel gear box models, ratios, options and special designs available. Many are high lighted in this video and the technical spec pages on our website. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - Tandler Hypoid Servo Gearbox

The Tandler Hypoid Gearbox from DieQua offers the ultimate in performance and load connection versatility for high cycle servo driven applications. As a logical extension to our precision spiral bevel program, additional single stage ratios are now available from 5:1 up to 15:1. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - Selecting & Applying Robot Flange Servo Gearheads

In recent years, the use of gearheads with flanged outputs has increased significantly. These gearheads enable the machine being driven to mount directly to the flange, which eliminates the need for a flexible coupling. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - Reversing & Disengaging Tandler Spiral Bevel

The Tandler spiral bevel gearbox series “S” and “AS” offer output shaft rotation reversing or disengagement capabilities in a right angle gearbox through the manual actuation of a two or three position spring loaded switch handle. Motion must be completely stopped and the gears unloaded before the handle position can be changed. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - The Smallest Precision Reduction Gear

The Spinea TwinSpin (TS) high precision reduction gears are designed for applications requiring a high reduction ratio, high accuracy, zero backlash, high moment capacity and high stiffness in a compact design with a limited space for installation. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - Spiral Bevel Gearbox HOUSING OPTIONS

The Tandler spiral bevel gearbox series is offered in a variety of housing materials and surface finishes. This provides optimal design versatility when environment or weight is a critical consideration. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - DieQua is now ISO Certified

DieQua is now ISO Certified

DieQua recently completed our ISO-Ceritication. ISO 9001:2015 is the most widely recognized and internationally accepted standard for a comprehensive quality management system.

What does ISO mean to you? As a customer, you can rely on DieQua to be committed to the continuous improvement of customer satisfaction & quality. (read more)