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ExxonMobil - Synthetic Base Stocks - Advancing EV Fluid Development

EV hardware is changing from designs based on separate componentry that employed multiple fluids, to designs with integrated e-modules. (read more)

ExxonMobil - Synthetic Base Stocks - SpectraSyn™ MaX PAO: low viscosity, low volatility

To help automakers meet their fuel economy and energy efficency goals, lubricant formulators strive to produce ever lower viscosity oils without compromising performance. Now there's a solution: groundbreaking SpectraSyn MaX polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic base stocks. (read more)

ExxonMobil - Synthetic Base Stocks - Making Wind Turbine Lubricants

Challenges: Manufacturing lubricants for the wind industry provides plenty of opportunities - and challenges. To compete in the marketplace, your lubricants must meeting increasing demand for long drain intervals and reliable performance in extreme conditions, especially in low temperatures. They must handle larger loads from larger turbines in smaller gear boxes. (read more)

ExxonMobil - Synthetic Base Stocks - Synthetic transmission oil for electric vehicles

The growing market for electric vehicles (EV) has significantly impacted the transmission lubricant industry. Automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are making massive investments in developing EV technology. There's no doubt that EVs are here and growing fast:

  • 70% EV sales growth 2018 vs 2017
  • 30+ OEMs with EV models
  • 50% of 2040 vehicle s...
(read more)
ExxonMobil - Synthetic Base Stocks - Making Industrial Gear Oil

Challenge: Gear systems today are increasingly complex, with highly accurate cut teeth and finely finished surfaces. They're also smaller, placing higher loads on the teeth and bearings. These loads, along with vibration and shock loading, can cause frequent gear pitting (particularly micropitting) in surface-hardened gears. And the systems run at higher temperatures. (read more)

ExxonMobil - Synthetic Base Stocks - Making Automotive Gear Oil

Challenge: Formulators creating axle and transmission fluids for heavy-duty vehicles must achieve a delicate balance: reduce emissions by improving fuel economy through lower viscosity while maintaining - and even improving - fluids durability and wear protection. Oil drain intervals have evolved from 100K KM to the 300K-500K KM range, with targets now set at 1M KM. (read more)

ExxonMobil - Synthetic Base Stocks - High Viscosity Polyalphaolefins

Today's lubricant marketplace demands enhanced performance capabilities, improved flow at low temperature and better durability. SpectranSyn Hi Vis (High Viscosity) PAO (polyalphaolefins) feature low-temperature properties, low volatility and improved thermal stability. Their high viscosity indices translate into improved flow at low temperatures and increased film thickness at high temp... (read more)

ExxonMobil - Synthetic Base Stocks - Low Viscosity Polyalphaolefins

To meet ever-increasing performance demands in the evolving marketplace, formulators use SpectraSyn Lo Vis PAO synthetic base stocks- available in viscosity grades from 2 to 10 cSt - to grain better low-temperature properties, low volatility and improved oxidative stability compared to mineral oil base stocks. (read more)

ExxonMobil - Synthetic Base Stocks - Alkylated Naphthalene

Customers today expect lubricants to perform even in extreme conditions. To help you meet these expectations, Synesstic alkylated naphthalene (AN) base stocks are designed to empower lubricants to deliver durability and optimum performance in many operating environments. (read more)

ExxonMobil - Synthetic Base Stocks - Esters

To help formulators meeting increasing demand for high lubricant performance and long product life, we offer a full line of Esterex esters, which includes adipate, neopolyol, phthalate and trimellitate esters. Esteres esters are well suited for a wide range of applications, including automotive, textile, industrial aviation, turbine and compressor lubricants (read more)

ExxonMobil - Synthetic Base Stocks - Synthetic grease

Challenges: Manufacturing grease for automotive and industrial markets provides plenty of opportunities and challenges. Greases are complex, multiphase systems that must:

  • Stay in place during intermittent or constant operation
  • Seal against contamination and moisture
  • Lubricate machine elements, such as bearings, gears, slideways and joints
(read more)
ExxonMobil - Synthetic Base Stocks - Making Engine Oils

Challenges: To meet the global challenge of reducing CO2 emissions, today’s engine oils are evolving to be lower in viscosity, which can improve overall fuel efficiency. Despite the trend toward smaller engines and harsher engine environments, these engine oils must still deliver better performance and improved wear protection. Whether you’re formulating engine oils fo... (read more)

ExxonMobil - Synthetic Base Stocks - Low Viscosity Engine Oil

To meet the growing demand for engine oils with better low-temperature properties, low volatility, and improved thermal and oxidative stability, formulators use our low-viscosity SpectraSyn™ polyalphaolefin (PAO) base stocks to boost performance of mineral oil formulations. (read more)

ExxonMobil - Synthetic Base Stocks - PureSyn Hydrogenated Polyolefins for personal care

PureSyn™ 2, 4 and 6 hydrogenated isoparaffinic hydrocarbon fluids — INCI hydrogenated poly (c6-c14) olefins — are ideal for use in formulations for personal care products. They’re a unique class of premium, high-purity fluids with features that set them apart from other hydrocarbon fluids such as mineral oils, petrolatum and polybutene. (read more)

ExxonMobil - Synthetic Base Stocks - Heavy Duty Transmission Fluids

Energy efficiency is becoming more critical than ever in the heavy-duty market. Through enhanced wear protection at lower viscosity, our advanced synthetic base stocks help finished lubricants meet evolving emissions regulations while increasing drain intervals even at high temperatures. (read more)

ExxonMobil - Synthetic Base Stocks - Coninuously variable transmission fluids

CVT fluids must provide balanced frictional properties for desirable performance in the belt-and-pulley system, bearings, clutch and torque converter. Customers also expect oxidative and shear stability, along with low-temperature performance. Our synthetic base stocks have demonstrated superiority to mineral-based oils in these and other performance areas. (read more)

ExxonMobil - Synthetic Base Stocks - Automatic Transmission Fluids (ATF)

To be competitive, ATF lubricants need enhanced durability, providing wear protection at lower viscosity as well as oxidative and shear stability even in extreme temperatures. That’s why more formulators are relying on our advanced synthetic base stocks for improved performance capabilities compared to mineral-based oils. (read more)

ExxonMobil - Synthetic Base Stocks - High-performance metallocene polyalphaolefin


  • Viscosity index range, for high performance at a wide temperature range
  • Shear stability, for long drain intervals
  • Low-temperature properties, for cold-start capability and fluidity
(read more)
ExxonMobil - Synthetic Base Stocks - Synthetic Wind Turbine Gear Oil

Wind turbine power generation capacity and turbine size are both increasing, which drives wind power’s competitiveness by reducing the levelized cost of electricity. However, increasing power generation increases the loads on the gearbox and bearings, which increases the stress on the lubricants needed to protect the equipment. (read more)

ExxonMobil - Synthetic Base Stocks - Low Volatility and Low-temp. Synthetic Basestocks

Polyalphaolefin plus - SpectraSyn Plus™ PAO is an advanced low-viscosity synthetic fluid that sets a benchmark for low volatility and low-temperature fluidity to produce more advanced lubricants. (read more)

ExxonMobil - Synthetic Base Stocks - Synthetic lubricant base stocks formulations guide

Formulators using synthetic base stocks are being asked to create more sophisticated and advanced lubricants every day. This guide can provide a head start in developing lubricant formulations and offers assistance in making the best base stock choices for many lubricant applications.

Get your Synthetic Base Stocks Formulations Guide! (read more)

ExxonMobil - Synthetic Base Stocks - Wind Turbine Grease

As wind turbines increase in size they are utilizing centralized grease distribution systems for their main and pitch bearings, especially in extreme temperatures and remote locations. Your customers demand grease that lasts longer and performs better, minimizing maintenance costs while maximizing equipment reliability and productivity. (read more)

ExxonMobil - Synthetic Base Stocks - ExxonMobil increases synthetic base stock capacity

ExxonMobil is responding to customer needs by significantly increasing low viscosity polyalphaolefin synthetic base stocks production capacity and further improving the reliability of its global supply chain network. (read more)

ExxonMobil - Synthetic Base Stocks - Formulation Solutions For Lube Marketer Challenges

ExxonMobil highlights its cross-functional support teams who focus on helping customers formulate solutions for faster commercialization. (read more)