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Isotech, Inc. - Friction Free Roller Air Bearings

One of the innovations that sets Air Bearings apart is the Roller Air Bearing. Designed for high speed precision rotation in a compact all-in-one package, this bearing directly replaces contact bearings. Chances are, you could add maintenance-free precision today without having to change anything on your design. …Yes, you read that correctly. (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Finding the Right Solution for Shock & Vibration

Vibration isolation mounts protect machinery by reducing the amplitude and frequency of vibrational waves. Applications such as large motors and industrial machines generate powerful vibrations and excessive noise when active. Those vibrations cause damage to the equipment and create unsafe working conditions. (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - The Modern Necessity of Laser System Integrations

When purchasing an in-house laser system simply doesn’t yet make financial sense, Isotech, Inc. helps to minimize your overhead and reduce your capital expenditures. We will be there to handle your overflow or provide turnkey solutions when demand exceeds your capacity. Isotech, Inc. offers a broad range of laser marking, cutting or welding systems from start up to fully automated. (read more)


The configuration of a cross roller bearing gives designers all the benefits of a two-row bearing, including stability, in a single-row space as the alternating rollers can support loads from all directions, including high overturning moments. (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Sound Absorbers

Isotech, Inc. offers a broad range of Sound Absorbers including:

  • Melamine Foams
  • Perforated Metal Panels
  • Fabricated covered fiberglass panels
  • Quilted Fiberglass with Vinyl coverings
  • Baffles and banners

Isotech, Inc. offers a variety of different materials/products all designed for maximum noise reduction of reverberant airborn... (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Learn how a BG type Actuator out performs others

Isotech's BG Type is a compact single axis actuator which integrates a Slide Guide and Precision Ball Screw. BG Type offers compact dimensions, which outperforms conventional positioning tables. This is made possible by a unique "U" shaped Guide Rail and Slide Block which provides multiple functions of a Guide Block and a Ball Screw Nut combined into a single unit. The "U" shaped Guide R... (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - 5 Reasons- Slide Bushing in Linear Motion Apps

Five reasons to consider using an Isometric slide bushing: simplicity, smooth motion, compactness, low friction, and wide variety to choose from. (read more)


Isotech, Inc. offers turnkey testing chamber systems for 5G Testing, mmWave Testing, EMI/EMC Testing, and RF Testing.

We provide state-of-the-art Antenna measurement system with cutting edge customized and standard size Anechoic chambers for the Academic, Commercial, Automotive, Research, and Defense sectors.

Isotech, Inc. offers new generation shielding systems that are ma... (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Noise Barriers

These products significantly reduce airborne noise levels by blocking the noise path between the noise source and the receiver.

Isotech, Inc. offers a wide range of Noise Barrier products to contain/reduce/block the noise path. These include flexible portable or permanent enclosures or sheets and rolls of mass loaded vinyls, quilted barrier composites and absorber barrier c... (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Electrically Heated Industrial Furnaces and Ovens

Hardening & Draw Heat Treat Combination and Retort & Draw Heat Treat Combination Furnaces serving Tool & Die, Ceramic, Laboratory, Powder Metallurgy and Thermal Coating Industries available from Isotech. (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Telescopic Lifting Columns: The Choice for Your Linear Motion Application

Telescopic lifting columns are finding unique and demanding applications in office environments, throughout the medical field and even in industrial and manufacturing settings. (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Crossed Roller Bearings

Crossed roller bearings provide more accuracy, rigidity, and weight-bearing capacity for linear motion than other commonly used friction-reducing devices such as ball bearings. (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Shock and Vibration Isolation: Finding the Right Solution

Shock and vibration are among the most destructive agents in industrial environments. (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Linear Motion System Performance Improvement

Precision shafting is a key component in improving linear motion system performance. Isotech's Precision Linear Shafting is ideal for a wide-range of linear motion applications. (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Heavy-Duty Turntable Bearings

The rugged ball-bearing slewing rings from Isotech are characterized by their large diameter and large bores with only a small cross-section. They were designed for axial, radial as well as combined axial and radial loads.  (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Posi-Drive™ Motorized Tables

Compact, economical Posi-Drive™ motorized tables from Isotech take the work out of designing motion control systems. Available in 3 size profiles our ball and crossed roller positioning tables require no alignment of components and install with standard fasteners. (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Laser Cutting System RubyLaser

RubyLaser is the machine of choice when High powered Fibre or Yag lasers are needed. It offers extreme performance in demanding applications with a robust enclosure to ensure operator safety.  (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Aluminum / Stainless Steel Crossed Roller Tables

Isotech’s Gold Motion Series Aluminum Crossed Roller Tables offer low cost and lightweight aluminum body construction to support heavy loads with low friction and precision linear motion. (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Belt Driven Linear Actuators

Isotech belt drives and actuators are available in three different configurations, allowing engineers to select standard models for off-the-shelf availability, plug-and-play models for ready out-of-the-box automation, and customer built models that allow for a wide range of configurations. (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Telescopic Lifting Columns

Isotech’s telescopic lifting columns are designed for medical, radiological, ergonomical and industrial applications. The pillars are constructed with aluminum tubes and long life pads, combined with a very tight tolerance assembly – where others squeeze – we fit. The columns perform a stable, reliable and maintenance free guiding system without any play. (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Customizable Belt Driven Actuators

Isotech belt drives and actuators are available in three different configurations, allowing engineers to select standard models for off-the-shelf availability, plug-and-play models for ready out-of-the-box automation, and customer built models that allow for a wide range of configurations. (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Multi-Axis Gantry Systems

Isotech, Inc. Offers Multi-Axis Gantry Systems for Advanced Automation Solutions

  • Pick & Place Systems
  • Cartesian Robotics
  • Video Production & Automation Systems
  • Sorting Systems
  • Inspection Systems
  • Camera Mounts & Scanners
  • Robotics
  • Indexing Systems
  • Packaging Handlers & Dispensing Syste...
(read more)