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Isotech, Inc. has promoted these products / services:

Isotech, Inc. - X, XY, & XYZ Micrometer Positioning Stages

Isotech offers a wide range of micrometer driven Ball Slide Positioning Stages with travels ranging from .25" to 4.0". All units are available in X, XY and XYZ configurations and can carry load ranging from 4 lbs on our miniature ball slide series all the way up to 60 lbs on our larger sizes. Straight line positioning accuracy is 0.0005" per inch of travel.

All model numbers are a... (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Longer Travel & Larger Loads: Crossed Roller Rails

Isotech Recirculating Linear Ball Slide Guides and Crossed Roller Rail Sets provide linear motion guide solutions for applications involving long travels and designs where space constraints must be considered. Featuring the ability to support and guide high loads with high accuracy, excellent repeatability, and low friction. (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Supported Linear Bushings for Large Loads

High Performance, High Load and Self-Aligning

TOPBALL is Isotech's premier Slide Bushing, offering up to 27 times the normal travel life of a conventional slide bush. Our uniquely produced load plates incorporate ground raceway surface which provides a circular arch contact to ball resulting in greater dispersion of loads for up to triple the normal load capacities. TOPBALL... (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Linear & Rotary Motion: All-In-One Bushings

This Isotech Slide Rotary Bushing is designed to enable perfect, rectilinear/rotary complex motion. It offers considerable space-savings compared to conventional combinations of rectilinear and rotary bearings. The Slide Rotary Bushing therefore requires less installation space. (read more)


Motion Solutions for Industrial, Agricultural and Medical Applications.

With a max force of up to 6000 N, Isotech linear actuators are strong enough to move even the toughest loads. These actuators are ideal for industrial automation, agricultural machinery and medical applications. Our actuators are strong, compact and flexible with a functional design. We put stringent de... (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Heavy Duty Scissor Lift & Tilt Systems

Isotech's Lift/Tilt Systems is for linear vertical movement of people, goods and material. The system can also be equipped with a tilt function on top. The lift system can be individually customised with different mounting frames. Lift and tilt can be supplied separately. (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Control Noise & Vibration: Acoustical Materials

Isotech offers a broad range of noise control materials plus complete acoustical measurement, design and engineering services. (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Friction Free Air Bearing Slide Guides

The Advantage of the Dovetail Series Air Bearing Guides


For some applications there is a need to maintain ultra precision even under heavy loads, high speeds and high acceleration. That’s where Dovetail Series manifests its advantage over other linear air bearing systems. The Dovetail is equipped with non-contact frictionless... (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Anti-Creep Linear Rail Sets for Vertical Mounting!

In certain applications, uneven loads, improper preload, vertical mounting, or offset forces may cause the ball retainers to become misaligned relative to each other. The misalignment ("creep") can ultimately cause a reduction in overall travel, the need for increased force to achieve full travel and even failure of the assembly.

Isotech's Anti-Creep retainer design prevents these... (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Curved Crossed Roller Rail Set: Gonio Ways

Isotech's CR and RV Series Gonio Ways are highly accurate curved slide ways that offer unprecedented low friction and precise pendulum motion. These ways feature four hardened and ground curved guide rails in addition to two curved retainers with cross rollers. Our advanced precision grinding processes are used to curve guide rails with v-shaped raceway groove and curved cross roller ret... (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Space Saving Lead Screw Linear Actuators

Isotech’s DL series linear actuators offer the benefits of a space-saving design, fast and simple assembly, long life, and a competitive price. The rigid enclosed aluminum box structure provides a compact envelope that incorporates the linear bearing and drive mechanism. Integrating all components into a single unit that includes the motor adaptor saves assembly time and eliminates... (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Wire Rope Isolators: Resolve Shock & Vibration

Shock and vibration rank among the most destructive agents in industrial environments. These disturbances erode the life of mechanical and electronic equipment - driving machinery from service long before necessary. Sometimes this premature deterioration stems from repeated overstress loadings, sometimes from fatigue failures of vital parts, and sometimes from a combination of both.

(read more)
Isotech, Inc. - Seismic Vibration Isolators: IBC Compliant

With the continuous push for ever more stringent life-safety related building codes, it has become commonplace for historically non-seismic regions of the country to require seismic restraint of MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) equipment. (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Multi-Axis Gantry Systems for Material Handling

Advanced automation solutions for a broad range of industries, including automotive, medical, packaging, food processing, semiconductors, electronics and more. Isotech can be a single source automation or mechanical motion supplier or work with systems integrators, military and government contractors. Specializing in engineering multi-axis motion systems, gantries, and cartesian robots b... (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Robot Transport Units (RTU) Adding the 7th Axis

An RTU (Robot Transport Unit) also known as a Robot positioning track or “7th axis” (when used with a 6 axis Robot), is a practical solution to add linear movement and positioning to a Robot system. Using an RTU extends the work envelope, increases the number & types of activities performed, & increases potential utilization rates & minimizes the need to invest in... (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Linear Motion & Rotary Motion: Rotary Ball Splines

This units combination of a conventional ball spline and rotary function dramatically contributes to eliminate parts used in your systems, and thence, accumulating minor errors that are often seen due to installation process can be diminished as well. (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - High Speed Friction Free Roller Air Bearing

One of the innovations that sets Air Bearings apart is the Roller Air Bearing. Designed for high speed precision rotation in a compact all-in-one package, this bearing directly replaces contact bearings. Chances are, you could add maintenance-free precision today without having to change anything on your design. …Yes, you read that correctly. (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Cross Roller Bearings vs. Ball Bearings

The configuration of a cross roller bearing gives designers all the benefits of a two-row bearing, including stability, in a single-row space as the alternating rollers can support loads from all directions, including high overturning moments. (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Acoustic Panels and Noise Absorption Materials

Isotech, Inc. offers a broad range of Sound Absorbers including:

  • Melamine Foams
  • Perforated Metal Panels
  • Fabricated covered fiberglass panels
  • Quilted Fiberglass with Vinyl coverings
  • Baffles and banners

Isotech, Inc. offers a variety of different materials/products all designed for maximum noise reduction of reverberant airborn... (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Heavy Duty Slew Rings & Drives/Turntable Bearings

The rugged ball-bearing and crossed roller slewing rings from Isotech are characterized by their large diameter and large bores with only a small cross-section. They were designed for axial, radial as well as combined axial and radial loads. (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Five Reasons to use Linear Slide Bushings

Five reasons to consider using an Isometric slide bushing: simplicity, smooth motion, compactness, low friction, and wide variety to choose from. (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Shock & Vibration Mounting Solutions

Shock and vibration are among the most destructive agents in industrial environments. (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Anechoic & RF Tapered Chambers

A function of RF construction is to create a noise free environment to retain RF signals inside of the shielded environment. To complete the RF shielded environment, all accessories and facilities associated with the enclosure will meet or exceed the minimum functional requirements (as listed below). This includes but is not limited to the entire six-sided R... (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Shielded Testing Chambers & Rooms

The high-spec modular structure is traditionally used for high performance shielding. Panels are galvanized sheet steel bonded to a wood core that are attached via framing joints. The RF panel system is typically self-supported via Unistrut so no attachment to a parent wall or to a slab above is required. (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Custom Belt Driven Actuators

Isotech belt drives and actuators are available in three different configurations, allowing engineers to select standard models for off-the-shelf availability, plug-and-play models for ready out-of-the-box automation, and customer built models that allow for a wide range of configurations. (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Precision Motorized Positioning Tables!

Compact, economical Posi-Drive™ motorized tables from Isotech take the work out of designing motion control systems. Available in 3 size profiles our ball and crossed roller positioning tables require no alignment of components and install with standard fasteners. (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Reduce Shock, Vibration, Impact, and Noise!

Vibration and instability can shorten the life of any equipment, as well as cause unsuitable noise disturbances. Isotech's spring-based products are designed to diminish these factors. We offer a broad range of spring isolation mountings and hangers that will limit the transmission of vibration, impact and noise over a variety of applications - from engine gensets and small fans to heavy... (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Easy Cut & Go Shock & Vibration Pads

Isotech offers a most complete line of pad type mountings which provide excellent high frequency sound attenuation and can be used effectively to prevent shock and vibration transmission in non-critical installations. (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - How to Protect Against Shock and Vibration

Structure-borne shock and vibration can lead to malfunctions and shortened life of equipment, not to mention annoyance caused by vibrating building structures and generated audible noise. Isotech's elastomeric products are designed to minimize these events. (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Compact Side-Driven Positioning Stages

Versatile Side Drive Positioning Stages (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Seismic Vibration Isolators & Mounts

Vibration isolation mounts protect machinery by reducing the amplitude and frequency of vibrational waves. Applications such as large motors and industrial machines generate powerful vibrations and excessive noise when active. Those vibrations cause damage to the equipment and create unsafe working conditions. (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Electric Industrial Furnaces and Ovens

Hardening & Draw Heat Treat Combination and Retort & Draw Heat Treat Combination Furnaces serving Tool & Die, Ceramic, Laboratory, Powder Metallurgy and Thermal Coating Industries available from Isotech. (read more)


Can cut SS, Brass, Aluminum, Copper, Carbon Fiber, Aerospace Alum, & Titanium. (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Electric Thrusters / Pusher Linear Actuators

Durable, cost-effective alternative for pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders and expensive rod style actuators. Great for directing boxes on conveyor system. Check out our video of the thruster in action! (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Laser Cutting, Welding & Marking Systems

When purchasing an in-house laser system simply doesn’t yet make financial sense, Isotech, Inc. helps to minimize your overhead and reduce your capital expenditures. We will be there to handle your overflow or provide turnkey solutions when demand exceeds your capacity. Isotech, Inc. offers a broad range of laser marking, cutting or welding systems from start up to fully automated. (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Precision Ball Screw Linear Actuators

Isotech's BG Type is a compact single axis actuator which integrates a Slide Guide and Precision Ball Screw. BG Type offers compact dimensions, which outperforms conventional positioning tables. This is made possible by a unique "U" shaped Guide Rail and Slide Block which provides multiple functions of a Guide Block and a Ball Screw Nut combined into a single unit. The "U" shaped Guide R... (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Importance of Precision Shafting in Linear Motion

Precision shafting is a key component in improving linear motion system performance. Isotech's Precision Linear Shafting is ideal for a wide-range of linear motion applications. (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Shock & Vibration Plate Mount Isolators

Isotech's Plate Mounts are a family of versatile low-frequency isolators recommended to isolate steady state vibration and control occasional shock inputs. These lightweight and compact isolators provide multi-directional isolation from lower frequency disturbances. (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Non-Magnetic Lightweight Linear Slides

Isotech Inc., a supplier of precision linear motion products, has introduced a new line of lightweight, non-magnetic linear ball slides designed for motion applications that are sensitive to magnetic influence. (read more)

Isotech, Inc. - Customized Integrated Multi-Axis Gantry Systems

Isotech, Inc. Offers Custom Multi-Axis Gantry Systems for Advanced Automation Solutions

  • Pick & Place Systems
  • Cartesian Robotics
  • Video Production & Automation Systems
  • Sorting Systems
  • Inspection Systems
  • Camera Mounts & Scanners
  • Robotics
  • Indexing Systems
  • Packaging Handlers & Dispensin...
(read more)

From die design and manufacture, to long run production, assembly, finishing, and plating - Isotech, Inc. is a major supplier of quality eyelets and presses and drawn stampings. (read more)