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KHK USA, Inc. - PTDA Canadian Conference

KHK USA looks forward to participating in the 2023 PTDA Canadian Conference. (read more)

KHK USA, Inc. - We Are Always Geared Up To Meet Your Needs!

KHK USA Inc. is Factory Direct with our manufacturer in Japan and offers a 3 Day Factory Shipment (without paying customs charges) for just a flat $25.00 expedite fee. (read more)

KHK USA, Inc. - Are your gears compliant?

What makes a gear RoHS or REACH compliant
under U.S. and EU regulations? (read more)

KHK USA, Inc. - The essential knowledge needed for gear design

To design gears, it is necessary to have technical knowledge of gears as mechanical element. This is true even when using already designed standard gears.

Among the required knowledge are various formulas for calculating gear strengths and sizes, knowledge regarding the gear types and specialized vocabulary, gear train's speed ratios and rotational directions, teeth forms and teet... (read more)

KHK USA, Inc. - Introduction of KHK Gears (short video)

KHK Gears (Kohara Gear Industry) is a leading manufacturer of stock gears in JAPAN handling production and distribution of a large variety of stock gears.

While many gear manufacturers make gears only after receiving orders, our strength is having stock for quick delivery. By offering secondary operations on stock gears you have the convenience of being able to buy even one piece... (read more)

KHK USA, Inc. - Applications to increase understanding of gears

We introduce many gear applications on this page. In order to effectively use gears in mechanical designs, it is necessary to have ideas and experiences besides having the knowledge of strength and size calculations and understanding of mechanical drawings. (read more)

KHK USA, Inc. - KHK USA offers free Gear Calculation Software

Please click here to access the FREE Gear Calculation Software and FREE Gear Drafting Software programs created by Kohara Gear Industry (KHK). With a few known parameters, these programs will help you design the best gear geometry for your unique application. Please contact us at 516-248-3850, to discuss the production of your design. (read more)

KHK USA, Inc. - Metric Worm Gears

Large Speed Reduction With Small Volume

Worm gear pairs are made up of a worm and a worm wheel. These gears allow for a very large reduction ratio in a single pair. They are very quiet and provide smooth transmission of power. Due to the situation of being a friction drive mechanism, worm gear pairs have very poor efficiency. Similar to helical gears, worm wheels are also c... (read more)

KHK USA, Inc. - Modified Gears

Upload your detailed drawing, 3D model, or description (read more)

KHK USA, Inc. - Metric Gears for Industrial Automation

KHK USA Inc offers 200 styles of stock gearing products with over 26,000 unique configurations available. KHK's product offering includes metric spur gears, metric helical gears, metric internal ring gears, straight and helical metric gear racks, metric circular pitch (CP) racks and pinions, straight, spiral, zerol & hypoid tooth metric bevel gears, straight, spiral, & zerol toot... (read more)