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Portescap - Electric Dental Equipment Reshaped by Micro Motors

Visiting the dentist often involves encountering various types of equipment, ranging from cleaning to repair. These tools have traditionally been pneumatic, powered by an air system in the dentist’s office; however, recent years have witnessed a transition towards electric equipment, which has largely been driven by advancements in motion control solutions. (read more)

Portescap - Introduction to 180° Drive Linear Actuators

An electric linear actuator serves as a crucial machine component, commonly employed for straightforward push-and-pull movements but also used in lifting and tilting applications. The significant advantage of electric linear actuators lies in their capability to provide efficient, long-lasting, and sustainable motion control. (read more)

Portescap - Aerospace Motor Technology Options

In the Aerospace industry, reliability and durability are non-negotiable. The need to meet Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) targets further adds to the challenge, as these applications demand efficient and compact solutions that excel in harsh environments. DC motor technologies, including brush DC coreless, BLDC cylindrical, and slotted flat motors, emerge as optimal choices to meet these... (read more)

Portescap - Role of Micro Motors in Wearable Drug Delivery

Wearable drug delivery systems, propelled by advanced micro-motion systems, are redefining patient care by offering a seamless and efficient means of administering medication. The combination of power efficiency, compact design, and precision engineering ensures that these devices not only meet, but exceed, the expectations of both healthcare providers and patients. (read more)

Portescap - Empowering Surgical Robotics with Micro Motors

In the dynamic landscape of modern medicine, technological advancements continue to redefine the boundaries of what's achievable in healthcare. One such innovation is the integration of miniature motors within surgical robotics,.Portescap, a leading manufacturer of micro motors, plays a crucial role in advancing these surgical robotic systems. (read more)

Portescap - The Importance of Autoclaving

In surgeries where delicate tissues and bone are accessed through tiny incisions, the risk of infection becomes paramount. The traditional method of steam sterilization in autoclaves remains the most reliable means of ensuring instrument sterility. However, conventional surgical power tools face challenges. (read more)

Portescap - Industrial Power Tools Boosted by Micro Motors

Industrial Power Tools have an operating profile quite different from other motor-driven applications. At first, there’s little resistance as the bolt threads in, or as the jaws of a cutting or gripping tool approach
the work piece. During this stage, a motor that operates at a faster free speed saves time and boosts
productivity. (read more)

Portescap - Speed Impact on Stepper Motor Torque Performance

Stepper motors are generally selected for applications where precise positioning, holding torque, and dynamic torque at low speeds are required. They have also been used to deliver relatively high torque at high speeds, though this is certainly uncommon due to how the stepper motor operates. (read more)

Portescap - Humanoid Robot Relies on Brush DC Motor

Humanoid robots have become increasingly popular to take on a variety of human-like tasks. They typically can incorporate 20 or more degrees of freedom (the number of movable joints of a robot) to replicate human-like motion, including vision systems to read and audio systems to speak. Numerous miniature motors provide the dexterity that battery-powered robots need. (read more)

Portescap - Latest Trends in Surgical Hand Tool Design

The use of motorized power tools in operating rooms has directly improved patient outcomes by optimizing the precision and speed of procedures. These power tools have also enhanced the ease of use for surgeons, as well as sped up the process to increase patient throughput and reduce waiting times. (read more)

Portescap - Portescap's 2024 Catalog Arrives

Portescap, a global provider of micro motion solutions, proudly announces the launch of its 2024 Product Catalog. Packed with 25+ groundbreaking new products and updates to its existing portfolio, the catalog reaffirms Portescap's commitment to pioneering advancements in motion control technology. (read more)

Portescap - Why You Should Consult Motion System Experts Early

Electric motors along with their power transmission, feedback and control devices are critical to machines that rely on motion axes. Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) embarking on a new product’s development should therefore involve the motion specialists as early as possible in the project’s design. (read more)

Portescap - Portescap to Exhibit at Robotics Summit & Expo

Portescap, a global leader in micro motion solutions for the robotics industry, is excited to announce that it will be exhibiting at the Robotics Summit & Expo from May 1-2, 2024, at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center in Boston, Massachusets. (read more)

Portescap - Joining Methods for Mini Motors

Miniature motors play an essential role in many applications such as handheld surgical tools and miniature mechanisms in small machines. To transmit power from the motor to the load requires use of small pinions, couplings and other components that must be joined to the motor output shaft. This blog covers the most common joining methods used by customers in their miniature motor/gearbox... (read more)

Portescap - Micro Motors Play Pivotal Role in Insulin Delivery

In the realm of diabetes management, insulin therapy stands as a cornerstone for regulating blood sugar levels. As the need for reliable and tailored insulin delivery grows, an increasing number of individuals are transitioning toward insulin pump systems. These sophisticated devices offer a personalized, dependable, and precise approach to administering insulin promptly. (read more)

Portescap - Advancing A&D Systems with Micro Motors

Aerospace and Defense applications are demanding, requiring extremely precise and power-dense motion control solutions; accordingly, these are some of the most challenging applications for motion control engineers to design and implement. This article will review these stringent requirements and address the design challenges of the precision miniature motor manufacturer. (read more)

Portescap - The Benefits of Surgical Robotic Systems

Surgical robots are sophisticated machines designed to assist surgeons in performing complex procedures with enhanced precision and efficiency. These systems have emerged as a groundbreaking technology, revolutionizing the way surgeries are performed and leading to innovations in surgical techniques. (read more)

Portescap - Effect of PWM Frequency on Motor Noise

Many applications utilizing permanent magnet synchronous miniature motors demand driving the motors either at more than one load point or through specific load cycles. Running the motor at usable load points requires a variable, controllable power source; this can be achieved through continuous linear regulation power supplies or through Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). (read more)

Portescap - Helping Hearts with 16mm BLDC Micro Motor

A mechanical circulatory support device is a vital component for aiding the heart in circulating blood throughout the body, particularly in cases of cardiogenic shock or Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI). These devices employ a high-powered miniature BLDC motor to assist the left ventricle providing the necessary high speeds and torque output essential for sustained support. (read more)

Portescap - Brushless Motors for Cardiovascular Applications

When an engineer begins the development of a new cardiovascular device, motor selection is a critical component to achieving the desired performance requirements. Brushless DC motors are the ideal technology for these devices. In this article, we'll dive into the key considerations that should govern this selection process. (read more)

Portescap - High Performance Motors for Industrial Power Tools

Battery-powered tools have an operating profile quite different from other motor-driven applications. At first, there’s little resistance as the bolt threads in, or as the jaws of a cutting or gripping tool approach the work piece. Portescap provides advanced motion solutions that maximize power and efficiency while improving the user experience. (read more)

Portescap - 35mm Can Stack Stepper Powers Nutrition Pump Drive

Nutrition pumps, also referred to as enteral feeding pumps, deliver nutrients and hydration to patients who require tube feeding due to conditions that prevent normal food intake. The device is typically carried on the body and operates for hours each day, providing the needed nutrition to the patient at appropriate times. (read more)

Portescap - Micro Motors Pivotal Role in Insulin Delivery

At the core of insulin delivery mechanisms lies the motion solution, a combination of motor, gearbox, and feedback device. (read more)

Portescap - Joining Methods for Miniature Motors

Joining Methods to Add Coupling Elements to Miniature Motors (read more)

Portescap - The Benefits of Surgical Robotics

If you’re searching for a partner for your next surgical robotic application, reach out to Portescap – our engineers are ready to help. (read more)

Portescap - Robust Mini Motors Critical to eVTOLs Operation

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…an eVTOL? Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) vehicles, propelled by electric Vertical Take Off and Landing (eVTOL) technologies, are transforming the way we perceive urban air travel. (read more)

Portescap - Infusion Flow Meters and Motion Solutions

Intravenous therapy (IV) is one of the most preferred methods of drug delivery because of the speed at which the IV method delivers medicines to patients’ bodies. There are two main types of IV therapy: a gravity-based IV drip system and an infusion pump. As you’re searching for your next motion system supplier here are four resolutions we recommend sticking to: (read more)

Portescap - 08ECP20 Sets New Device Miniaturization Standards

The 08ECP20 brushless DC slotless motor is an ideal mini-actuation solution that enables you to downsize your application without compromising on performance or reliability. This 8mm BLDC motor features Portescap's proprietary Ultra EC™ winding which allows for more power in a compact envelope. (read more)

Portescap - Portescap Launches Its First Autoclavable Encoder

The M-Sense12A autoclavable magnetic encoder features the latest in chip technology, providing a high degree of accuracy ideal for applications requiring accurate positioning and closed loop motion feedback in harsh environments. This encoder is compatible with Portescap's SMS (surgical motion solutions brushless motors). Perfectly suited for surgical robotics and surgical hand tool appl... (read more)

Portescap - Surgical Advancements Driven by Mini Motors

The development of miniature motors has driven innovation in surgical tool design. As smaller and smaller motors become more readily available in the surgical field. These tiny but powerful devices have also enabled surgeons to perform minimally invasive procedures with greater precision, safety, and effectiveness. (read more)

Portescap - Portescap Achieves AS9100 Certification

Portescap, a global provider of miniature motion solutions, is excited to announce that its facility in Mumbai, India has attained AS9100 certification. Internationally recognized as the defining standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS) in the aerospace industry. (read more)

Portescap - 60ECF Flat Motor Delivers Improved Heat Management

Portescap is excited to introduce the 60ECF brushless DC slotted flat motor, the newest frame size to join its flat motor portfolio and a significant expansion of its brushless flat technology capabilities. This 60mm BLDC motor features a 38.2mm body length and an outer rotor slotted configuration with an open body design, allowing it to deliver improved heat management in a compact pack... (read more)

Portescap - Drops, Shocks No Match for the 26BF Flat Motor

We know that tattoo machines are sensitive to hard impacts, especially drops from a significant height. Enter the 26BF brushless DC flat slotless motor, which has been specifically designed to improve the ruggedness and shock insensitivity of rotary tattoo machines. A game-changer for tattoo machines (read more)

Portescap - 40ECP55 Slotless Brushless DC motor
  • 40mm diameter by 55mm length
  • Integrated self-cooling fan
  • High power at speeds up to 30,000 rpm
  • Lower power losses results in higher efficiency
  • No cogging torque for smooth rotation
  • Maximized performance/price ratio
  • Peak torque 1.1Nm during 2 seconds
(read more)
Portescap - M-Sense16 Magnetic Encoder

The M-Sense16 magnetic encoder features the latest in chip technology, providing a high degree of accuracy ideal for applications requiring accurate positioning and closed loop motion feedback. The M-Sense16 is available with a wide resolution range up to 1024 lines and includes an integrated line driver option. The M-Sense16 encoder is also capable of providing incremental and absolute... (read more)

Portescap - Atherectomy Device Relies on 16ECS BLDC Motor

Atherectomy devices assist surgeons in critical care of patients with arterial calcium build up. A motor powered, rotating device is guided through the artery and uses a combination of centrifugal force and sanding to remove the plaque buildup and prepare for stent insertion. (read more)

Portescap - Slotted Motor Design Challenges and Opportunities

The high torque density and enhanced cooling capability of miniature brushless DC (BLDC) slotted motors are instrumental in numerous applications ranging from robotics to consumer electronics. However, to optimize the efficiency, performance, and reliability of the application, their specification requires careful consideration. (read more)

Portescap - How Different Loads Impact Motor Selection

Motor selection involves balancing many considerations, such as the application’s required voltage, maximum current and diameter, speed and efficiency. Selecting the most appropriate motor for your application requires attention to the fundamentals of torque, radial and axial loads. Here are some tips and best practices for addressing these loads. (read more)

Portescap - Coreless Brush DC Motors for Blood Clot Removal

Cardiovascular devices perform the lifesaving task of clearing arteries of plaque – even maintaining life during surgery – by assisting the heart in pumping blood throughout the body. In this series, we will review the three primary cardiovascular applications and the ideal motor technology for each. (read more)

Portescap - Electric Grippers Rely on Mini Motors

Electric grippers are devices used in automation and robotics to grasp and manipulate objects. They are designed to mimic the grasping and releasing actions of human hands, allowing machines to interact with objects in various applications, such as manufacturing, assembly, packaging, and material handling. (read more)

Portescap - Portescap Announces DO-160G Design Capabilities

Portescap is excited to announce that its standard motors can now be designed to meet the requirements of RTCA DO-160G, an aviation industry standard that outlines environmental test conditions for assessing the equipment and systems used in aircraft. DO-160 standards ensure that all devices used within aircraft can withstand the environmental conditions (read more)

Portescap - R22T Gearhead Ideal for Mid-Torque Applications

The R22T gearhead features a full metal gearbox design with optimized gearings. Providing torque up to 1.5 Nm, the R22T gearbox is optimized to generate lower body heat while increasing efficiency, life and safety factors. This compact gearhead offers low cost of ownership making it ideal for hand-operated applications. (read more)

Portescap - 45ECF Brushless DC Slotted Flat Motor with Rotor

The 45ECF brushless slotted flat motor features a flat and
open architectural design able to provide high torque within
a compact package and without compromising on targeted
performance. The motor includes hall sensors allowing for easier
control of speed and torque. (read more)

Portescap - How to Select a Brushless DC Motor Controller

Brushless DC motors offer several advantages over traditional brushed DC motors, including higher efficiency, longer lifespan, and greater reliability. However, to operate a BLDC motor, you need a specialized motor controller that provides the necessary electrical signals to control the motor's speed, direction, and torque. Let’s explore how to select a brushless DC motor controller. (read more)

Portescap - R26HT Ball Bearing Gearhead Ideal for Power Tools

The R26HT gearbox is a full metallic high torque gearhead designed with a planetary arrangement for applications requiring very high torque in a relatively small package. The R26HT can deliver max continuous torque up to 4Nm. (read more)

Portescap - BLDC Motor Ensures Accuracy in Fuel Metering Valve

High-performance aircraft require a reliable, accurate, and stable fuel flow to power their engines. A fuel metering valve throttles the appropriate amount of fuel based on the engine power required. A miniature motor incorporated into the valve ensures the accuracy and stability of fuel flow rates. (read more)

Portescap - The Latest Trends in Surgical Hand Tool Design

Surgical power tools have been a critical part of the medical industry for decades, having undergone significant advancements in recent years to meet the ever-shifting demands of surgical procedures. Rapid technological innovation has led to the continued miniaturization of the miniature motors that power these tools. (read more)

Portescap - 30ECT, M-Sense22 Exceed CAS Requirements

It is critical to accurately control the flight trajectory of a missile so that it reaches the intended target. Based on inputs from the guidance system, actuators precisely adjust the position of control surfaces to guide the missile’s flight trajectory. The motor driving the actuator must be both lightweight and rugged to tolerate the extreme environmental conditions. (read more)