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Pyromation, Inc. - Multi-Point Sensors with Termination Enclosure

Pyromation's multi-point temperature sensors with enclosures accurately measure temperatures at various points along the sheath allowing for a temperature profile across a specified length. The design consists of RTDs or thermocouples placed inside a single outer sheath. (read more)

Pyromation, Inc. - Explosion-proof (XP) Thermocouples and RTDs

Explosion-Proof RTD & Thermocouple Assemblies with Thermowells are made for use in U.S. and Canadian hazardous areas. They are designed to extinguish flames inside the device, eliminating the potential for ignition of flammable mixtures in the surrounding atmosphere. FM and CSA approved assemblies, dependant on connection head type, meet XP Class I Division I & II; Groups A, B, C... (read more)

Pyromation, Inc. - CIP Sanitary-Connected RTDs

General-purpose CIP sanitary-connected RTD temperature sensors are used in food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical processing applications where sensor corrosion and product contamination are critical factors. The sanitary caps listed are those most commonly used in such processes. Sanitary caps are welded to the sheath and to a heavier support tube, all made of stainless ste... (read more)

Pyromation, Inc. - Pipe Well Temperature Sensor Assemblies

Pyromation offers a line of MgO pipe well temperature sensor assemblies that function as a less expensive alternative to thermowell assemblies in low-pressure, low-velocity piping, and vessel applications. In certain applications where longer temperature sensor assemblies are required, pipe well assemblies can be used at lengths where thermowells might not be practical. The MgO thermocou... (read more)

Pyromation, Inc. - Thermowell Design Evaluator

ASME PTC 19.3 TW-2010, the U.S. standard for evaluating the mechanical design of a thermowell used in a broad range of applications, was updated in 2010 to include a greater number of thermowell and process variables. Sometimes referred to as "Wake Frequency Calculation", the revision incorporates new elements for evaluating thermowell constructions that will reduce the chance of vibrati... (read more)

Pyromation, Inc. - Miniature Temperature Sensors

For miniature bearing and babbitt bearing applications. Pyromation's miniature sensors are designed to measure the critical temperature of the metal bearing shoes operating in generators, turbines and other rotating equipment. (read more)

Pyromation, Inc. - Temperature Sensor Application Assistance

Our sales team, with an average of 25+ years of hands-on, in-house production experience and field application knowledge, can provide you with information about our products and their process applications, as well as help you select a standard or special product to solve your specific problem. They are your partners and your first link to the successful application and use of our products. (read more)

Pyromation, Inc. - Food, Dairy and Pharmaceutical Thermocouples

Food, Dairy and Pharmaceutical Thermocouples are the most common, convenient, and versatile devices used to measure temperature. They convert units of heat into usable engineering units that serve as input signals for process controllers and recorders. (read more)

Pyromation, Inc. - Explosion Proof (XP) Connection Heads

Fort Wayne-based Pyromation, Inc. recently received IEC Flame Proof (FP) certification on its design-patented line of Explosion Proof (XP) connection heads. The approval, which includes both ATEX and IECEx certifications, was established by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and indicates that Pyromation's stainless steel and aluminum XP connection heads can be use... (read more)

Pyromation, Inc. - RTDs Resistance Temperature Detectors

Resistance temperature detectors (RTD) accurately sense temperature with an excellent degree of repeatability and interchangeability of elements. The RTD is composed of certain metallic elements whose change in resistance is a function of temperature. (read more)

Pyromation, Inc. - Non-Intrusive Tank Wall RTD Temperature Sensors

The Pyromation line of Non-Instrusive Tank Wall sensors are designed to mount flush with the interior tank wall of most mixing vessels for maximum product contact. This allows the wiping or mixing blades to properly mix the material within the tank without damaging the temperature sensor. (read more)

Pyromation, Inc. - Programmable Dual Input Temperature Transmitter

The Pyromation T82 programmable HART® field temperature transmitter is a 2-wire unit with analog output. It includes input for RTDs: resistance inputs in 2-wire, 3-wire, and 4-wire connections; thermocouples and voltage signals. The transmitter can be supplied with or without a digital display, in a general-purpose aluminum screw-cover housing. (read more)

Pyromation, Inc. - Thermocouple and RTD Connection Heads

Connection heads provide a protected, clean area for mounting a terminal block or transmitter as part of the transition from temperature sensor assembly to lead wire. (read more)

Pyromation, Inc. - Temperature Sensor Calibration Services

Our NVLAP Lab Code 200502-0 (National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program) Accredited Metrology Laboratory provides comparison temperature calibrations from -196 °C to 1450 °C [-321 °F to 2642 °F] on the International Temperature Scale of 1990 (ITS-90) for temperature sensors and instruments (read more)

Pyromation, Inc. - Online Temperature Sensor Configurator

Users can choose from a list of product categories or type in a product configuration code (e.g. PL01). Once a specific configuration code is chosen, the user will view a screen showing options for that product. From this screen they can select the options they want to build their specific temperature sensor or assembly. (read more)

Pyromation, Inc. - Thermocouple & RTD Temperature Transmitters

Pyromation carries programmable RTD and thermocouple temperature transmitters that can be mounted in the temperature sensor assembly connection head, or surface mounted using a DIN rail mounting clip. Some units offer a visual digital display that shows the current measured value. (read more)

Pyromation, Inc. - Thermowells

Our product line includes threaded, Van Stone, socket-weld, weld-in and flanged thermowells. A thermowell is a pressure-tight receptacle that protects and extends the life of a temperature sensor in processing applications where the sensor is not mechanically or chemically compatible with the process environment. (read more)