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Thermocouples, RTDs and Thermowells Beyond Measure
Pyromation, Inc. Pyromation, Inc.

Pyromation began operations in 1962 and is one of the leading producers of temperature sensing devices and equipment in North America. With an onsite NVLAP accredited Metrology Laboratory providing temperature calibrations traceable to NIST standards for sensors and instruments – and same day, 24 or 72 hour express orders available on request – Pyromation delivers accurate measurement the first time, on time, every time.

Pyromation’s ISO 9000 registered manufacturing facility, located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, is also the headquarters of the company. A lean enterprise, Pyromation produces thermocouples, RTDs, thermowells, connection heads and complete temperature sensor assemblies for use in a variety of industries.

The combination of experienced, personalized service, quick delivery and a broad line of superior quality temperature sensing products provide the best solutions for all of your temperature measurement applications.

Pyromation, Inc. Pyromation, Inc.

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