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RFMW - RFMW Expert Product Pick: Qorvo UJ4SC075009B7S

RFMW Expert Product Pick: Qorvo UJ4SC075009B7S AEC-Q101 Qualified 750V, Gen 4 SiC FET What made you select the Qorvo UJ4SC075009B7S as product to feature? How does this product differentiate from others and what value does it offer?

Qorvo‘s UJ4SC075009B7S is an AEC-Q101 Qualified 750 V, 9 mΩ Gen 4 SiC FET. Its distinctive stacked cascode circuit configuration integrat... (read more)

RFMW - Here’s What’s Up for Microwave Technology in 2024

Article by RFMW CEO Joel Levine

In 2024, the RF and microwave industry remains at the forefront of telecommunications, defense, and aerospace, where the demand for higher frequencies and bandwidths is soaring. The deployment of 5G and increasing reliance on satellite communications will have significant impacts throughout the year. The industry also fac... (read more)

RFMW - RFMW Expert Product Pick: XMA Cryogenic IR Filters

What made you select the XMA Cryogenic IR Filters as featured products? How do these products offer value ?

With expertise in coaxial cryogenic product design and assembly, XMA has created a family of repeatable and reliable infrared filters perfect for cryogenic applications. These Eccosorb filters remove disruptive IR signals while maintaining signal integrity in the desi... (read more)