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Radiant Vision Systems - XR Lens Display Testing/Replicating the Human Eye

Today's AR/VR/MR (collectively XR) developers and manufacturers are working with a wide array of devices such as headsets, helmets, gogles, and smart glasses. Different optics, form factors, and imaging systems are used to address multiple different use cases. (read more)

Radiant Vision Systems - Near-Eye Display Test Solution w/Electronic Focus

The XRE Lens has a unique optical design specifically engineered for measuring near-eye displays, such as those integrated into virtual (VR), mixed (MR), and augmented reality (AR) headsets. (read more)

Radiant Vision Systems - AR/VR Lens for Near-Eye Display Measurement

The AR/VR Lens has a unique optical design specially engineered for measuring near-eye displays (NEDs), such as those integrated into virtual (VR), mixed (MR), and augmented reality (AR) headsets. The lens design simulates the size, position, and field of view of the human eye. (read more)

Radiant Vision Systems - TT-NIRI™ Near-Infrared Test Module

TT-NIRI software combines efficient image-based measurements with application-specific tests to evaluate the accuracy of 850 or 940 nm NIR LEDs, lasers, and structured light patterns used for:

  • Facial and gesture recognition
  • Eye tracking and iris detection
  • Other non-visible 3D sensing applications
(read more)
Radiant Vision Systems - NIR Intensity Lens

The Near-Infrared (NIR) Intensity Lens system is an integrated camera/lens solution that measures the angular distribution and radiant intensity of 850 or 940nm near-infrared (NIR or near-IR) emitters like NIR lasers and LEDs. The NIR Intensity Lens system utilizes Fourier optics to capture a full angular distribution of light in a single measurement up to ±70 degrees. (read more)

Radiant Vision Systems - Webinar: Display Metrology for Production

Learn about the fundamentals of display metrology for visual quality inspection and technologies that bridge the gap between scientific measurement and high-throughput AOI. (read more)

Radiant Vision Systems - VIP™ (Vision Inspection Pack) Software License

The VIP™ (Vision Inspection Pack) license supplements the standard photometric analysis capabilities of Radiant Vision Systems TrueTest™ Automated Visual Inspection Software with registration functionality for unique illuminated regions (backlit icons and shapes) to enable defect detection and accurate photometric measurement. (read more)

Radiant Vision Systems - TT-HUD™ Head-Up Display Test Module

Visual performance testing for HUD includes photometric measurements (brightness, contrast) as well as spatial measurements (distortion, warping). TT-HUD allows users to define a complete set of measurement parameters and pass/fail criteria using tests and test images for optical HUD evaluation. (read more)

Radiant Vision Systems - TrueMURA™ Display Mura Analysis Software

TrueMURA supplements the many benefits of Radiant's TrueTest Software to efficiently perform image-based measurements for luminance, chromaticity, and adds specific tests to evaluate over 15 types of display mura. (read more)

Radiant Vision Systems - ProMetric I-SC: Imaging Colorimeter & Spectrometer

The ProMetric® I-SC Solution combines the functions of an enhanced ProMetric I Imaging Colorimeter with a high-end spectrometer to provide a single platform for spectral data capture and accurate, repeatable color measurement across devices, testing environments, and over time. (read more)

Radiant Vision Systems - Area Color Inspection System (ACIS™)

ACIS combines the best of machine vision for text inspection and area measurement, and spectrometers for accurate color measurement, (e.g., CIE L*a*b*) in a single system. (read more)

Radiant Vision Systems - INSPECT™ Software Toolkit for Machine Vision

The INSPECT™ Software platform provides a flexible set of tools for cosmetic visual inspection and a range of custom solutions. Features inspected for finish quality include predictable (e.g., logos and icons) and randomly occurring (e.g., surface defects). Advanced logic allows users to apply specific defect tolerances for pass/fail determinations in production inspection. (read more)

Radiant Vision Systems - TT-ARVR™ Software Module for AR/VR Display Testing

Testing the quality of near-eye displays (NED) includes photometric measurements used to evaluate a display’s light and color properties for defects and accuracy against defined tolerances. TT-ARVR allows users to define a complete set of measurement parameters and pass/fail criteria with specific tests for AR/VR quality. (read more)

Radiant Vision Systems - Webinar: Replicating Human Vision for XR Testing

Learn about new scientific imaging systems that emulate human vision for visual test and measurement of displays in AR, VR, and MR headsets. (read more)

Radiant Vision Systems - Webinar: Novel Solutions for XR Optical Testing

In this webinar with Photonics Media, test & measurement experts from Radiant Vision Systems provide guidance on XR optical performance testing, demonstrating novel technologies that emulate the human eye, and are optimized for accuracy, speed, and ease of use at each component stage. (read more)

Radiant Vision Systems - DXOMARK Shares Scientific Test Method for Displays

With objective data provided by leading photo-metrology tools, DXOMARK can ensure reliable evaluation of each device, and both manufacturers and customers can continue to have confidence in the merit of their device's DXOMARK score. (read more)

Radiant Vision Systems - Case Study: Glass Inspection for Head-Up Displays

CP Industries chose Radiant Vision Systems' HUD measurement platform to replace machine vision systems in its HUDSON windshield glass test system, leveraging standard HUD analyses built into Radiant cameras and software to optimize efficiency in terms of development time and complexity. (read more)

Radiant Vision Systems - Characterizing the Effects of Windshields on HUDs

Learn about inspection systems that measure HUD quality as a factor of the windshield, and how to future-proof equipment for AR HUDs. (read more)

Radiant Vision Systems - TT-AutomotiveDisplay™ Automotive Display Test

TT-AutomotiveDisplay software module provides all of the benefits of photometic measurement software for automated quality evaluation and control (efficiently performing light, color, uniformity, and contrast measurements) with specific tests to evaluate the quality of displays integrated within the vehicle. (read more)

Radiant Vision Systems - FPD Conoscope Lens

The flat panel display (FPD) conoscope lens mounts directly to the ProMetric Y Imaging Photometer or ProMetric I Imaging Colorimeter, enabling view angle (+/-70 degrees) performance testing with high-resolution photopic measurements of the angular distribution of color, luminance, and contrast of displays and display components. (read more)

Radiant Vision Systems - Microscope Lens for Tiny Lights & Display Features

The Radiant Vision Systems Microscope Lens enables high-resolution imaging of extremely small components and features, such as individual LEDs, display pixels, and subpixels. The Microscope Lens is ideal for capturing small details in extremely high resolution. The camera/lens solution offers photometric imaging efficiency to address both off-line and in-line applications. (read more)

Radiant Vision Systems - Measuring & Correcting MicroLED Display Uniformity

Read a whitepaper to learn approaches to ensuring the quality of microLED displays, including measurement specifications, calibrations, and image processing techniques that enable extremely accurate pixel-level uniformity correction. (read more)

Radiant Vision Systems - Case Study: DXOMARK Tests Displays Using Radiant

Learn how DXOMARK incorporates Radiant's ProMetric® Imaging Colorimeter, FPD Conoscope Lens, and TrueTest™ Software into its Display Bench to evaluate displays as they are actually used and experienced by users. (read more)

Radiant Vision Systems - Webinar: Using Near-IR Light for Driver Monitoring

Watch a presentation on the latest implementations of in-vehicle sensing systems for driver and occupant monitoring (DMS and OMS). We discuss EU and US regulations for system integration, near-IR light for sensing, applications of LEDs and VCSELs, and light source measurement methods. (read more)

Radiant Vision Systems - Webinar: Measuring Head-Up Displays from 2D to AR

Presenting an all-in-one HUD measurement system capable of addressing 2D, 3D, and AR HUD quality using a common hardware/software platform. This webinar provides an overview of HUD virtual image types and measurement challenges, and introduces Radiant’s photometric HUD measurement system. (read more)

Radiant Vision Systems - Colorimetry: The Science of Color Measurement

Learn basic principles of colorimetry including human visual perception of color, standard CIE functions and formula that quantify color as a universal chromaticity value, and scientific instruments that apply these principles for color measurement and visual inspection. (read more)

Radiant Vision Systems - Why Radiant? Choosing an Imaging Solution

Radiant technologies are thoughtfully engineered to achieve the fastest, simplest, and most accurate measurements of light, color, and surfaces. Learn some of the reasons why you should consider Radiant for your test and measurement. (read more)

Radiant Vision Systems - Webinar: Automated SAE Standard HUD Measurement

Engineers in metrology for automotive head-up displays (HUDs) have partnered with the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Committee to define standard measurement criteria to assess HUD quality. The standard (SAE J1757-2) outlines optical measurement geometries and requirements for determining HUD performance using light and color data. (read more)

Radiant Vision Systems - Webinar: Principles of Light and Color Measurement

The properties of light that stimulate the eye and build our visual perception—when thoughtfully designed into lighted devices—can create unrivalled visual experiences. Watch the webinar hosted by Shannon Roberts, Product Manager at Radiant Vision Systems, as she presents the basic principles of light and color measurement. (read more)

Radiant Vision Systems - Webinar: Automated Inspection with Human Precision

In this 30-minute webinar learn about Radiant's turnkey inspection solution that leverages advanced vision technology to achieve unrivaled accuracy and repeatability, bridging the gap between human inspectors and machine vision systems. (read more)

Radiant Vision Systems - Webinar: Ultimate Vision System for Backlit Icons

Radiant Vision Systems presents the first automated visual inspection solution to combine photometric measurement with machine vision image analysis and registration, enabling complete backlit component inspection in a single vision system. (read more)

Radiant Vision Systems - Demo: AR/VR Display Testing in Headset

See how a scientific imaging colorimeter and lens (uniquely developed for AR/VR headsets) are used to evaluate the visual quality of a display inside of these augmented reality smart glasses. (read more)

Radiant Vision Systems - Demo: Head-Up Display Test System

See how a scientific imaging photometer and automated visual inspection software evaluate the optical performance of a head-up display, streamlining efficiency for testing variable-distance projections like those in AR-HUD. (read more)

Radiant Vision Systems - Demo: Automated Display Test Solution

See how scientific imaging colorimeters and automated visual inspection software are used for automated display testing. (read more)

Radiant Vision Systems - Webinar: Fractional Pixel Measurement Method

Doug Kreysar, CEO at Radiant Vision Systems, leads this webinar introducing Radiant's fractional pixel measurement method, which ensures the effectiveness of image-based display test systems as displays increase in resolution. (read more)

Radiant Vision Systems - Video Case Study: Correcting MicroLED Uniformity

Increase yield of high-quality microLED displays by measuring and calibrating each individual pixel. Watch a video to see how Radiant Vision Systems corrects the uniformity of this augmented reality microdisplay. (read more)

Radiant Vision Systems - Webinar: Measuring Sparkle for Anti-Glare Displays

Learn a method for repeatable sparkle measurement for anti-glare displays, with quantifiable results that correlate to human visual perception of display quality. (read more)

Radiant Vision Systems - Visual Inspection Solutions for Automotive Lights

From headlamps to head-up displays, and instrument panels to indicators... Photometric measurement systems help manufacturers improve the quality of light throughout the vehicle, providing quantifiable data that matches human perception. (read more)

Radiant Vision Systems - Webinar: AR/VR Display Testing

In this 30-minute webinar, Radiant presents solutions for near-eye AR/VR display testing that replicate human vision for the most accurate evaluation of the user experience. (read more)

Radiant Vision Systems - Webinar: OLED Pixel Measurement & Correction

Test displays, correct displays, increase yield. Radiant Optical Software Engineer Alex Podschwit presents solutions for OLED pixel-level measurement and correction and describes a Demura method that limits waste in OLED production and improves the profitability of OLED production operations. (read more)

Radiant Vision Systems - Webinar: Measurement for Vehicle Lighting

Learn about solutions for automotive light source measurement, from headlamps to light strips to LED arrays. Radiant shows how the same photometric imaging system can be applied in different measurement scenarios, and gives demonstrations of test sequences applied to measurement images in software to evaluate multiple qualities of each light source. (read more)

Radiant Vision Systems - Webinar: Evaluation of Freeform & Curved Displays

In this webinar, the Radiant Vision Systems Automotive Team presents effective solutions for evaluating the quality of curved and freeform displays. The team will discuss the challenges posed by these displays for measurement, and introduce the latest solutions from Radiant for display registration and flexible measurement setups. (read more)

Radiant Vision Systems - Infographic: Principles of Light & Color

Scientific methods allow us to understand and quantify our perception of visible light. In this infographic, you will learn the language of light, understand color spaces and color matching functions, and other principles of light & color measurement. This tool is a useful reference for anyone with a passion or profession in light & color metrology. (read more)

Radiant Vision Systems - Webinar: Automotive Display Testing

This on-demand webinar addresses some of the unique considerations of defect detection in automotive displays. The following topics are covered in this 45-minute presentation:

- Testing considerations for in-vehicle displays

- Mura detection

- Testing to the Black Mura Standard
(as defined by the German Automotive OEM Work Group Displays) (read more)

Radiant Vision Systems - ProMetric Y Series Photometers

ProMetric Y is a family of award-winning, high-performance imaging photometers from Radiant Vision Systems. ProMetric Y is designed for high volume production testing of displays, backlit controls and keypads, light sources, and device surfaces. (read more)

Radiant Vision Systems - ProMetric I Imaging Colorimeters

ProMetric® Imaging Colorimeters are scientific-grade camera systems that replicate human perception of brightness and color, combining the benefits of automation with human vision. Ideal for uniformity testing in displays and light measurement and characterization of backlit components, light sources, and video screens, ProMetric I brings this powerful technology to production enviro... (read more)

Radiant Vision Systems - Automated Visual Inspection Software

TrueTest Software can be paired with ProMetric Imaging Photometers or Colorimeters to create a complete testing system for displays, backlight units, illuminated keyboards, light sources, and video screens. Designed for high-volume production, TrueTest enables automated quality testing and defect detection, as well as defect classification based on human visual perception. (read more)

Radiant Vision Systems - ProSource® Light Source Analysis Software

Radiant Vision Systems ProSource® Software features enhanced capabilities to help optical and illumination engineers and designers conduct light source analysis and ray generation using Radiant Source Model™ (RSM) files. ProSource provides an intuitive interface to allow the user to view, manipulate, and process RSM data files simply and quickly. (read more)