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Category: Color Meters and Appearance Instruments
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Radiant Vision Systems is a global provider of automated test & measurement solutions.

Manufacturers of electronic devices, displays, lighting, backlit components, and assemblies need accurate, repeatable, and easy-to-use measurement solutions to ensure product quality, generate data, and improve efficiencies. Radiant Vision Systems offers a broad portfolio of automated visual inspection products, including imaging photometers and colorimeters as well as software, to measure, characterize, and inspect light, color, assembly integrity, and surface quality in the lab or on the production line. The company’s specialized CCD-based systems help manufacturers gain a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace, where margins are thin and customer expectations high.

Based in Redmond, WA, USA, Radiant Vision Systems has proven production experience with thousands of cameras testing millions of components. The company's extensive product portfolio includes TrueTest™ Automated Visual Inspection Software, ProMetric® Imaging Colorimeters and Photometers, and goniometric systems.

Radiant Vision Systems enables you to truly See The Difference™.

Watch OnDemand Webinar: Defining a Sparkle Measurement Standard for Quality Control of Anti-Glare Displays 

Join a webinar hosted by Matt Scholz, Automotive Business Leader at Radiant Vision Systems, as he presents a method for repeatable sparkle measurement across users, devices, and systems, with quantifiable results that correlate to human visual perception of display quality. Topics include:

  • The effect of sparkle on visual display quality
  • Standard system specifications and method for repeatable sparkle measurement
  • Setting a sparkle tolerance based on human visual perception
  • Customer case study at automotive OEM


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How to Use Imaging Colorimeters for Automated Visual Inspection of Displays (Inspection Tools and Instruments) Perhaps no single component is as critical to the usability and perceived quality of today's smartphones, tablets, and other electronics as their displays. The use of imaging colorimeter systems and... (View Full Article)