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With Rousseau's R-Go Motorized Platform, you boost your efficiency without compromising on safety and security. When considering monetary and human costs – as well as the short-, medium- and long-term effects of MSDs – a motorized platform is a wise choice. (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - NEW - R-Go Motorized Platform
  • For effortless transportation of heavy loads
  • Designed to accommodate a toolbox 1
  • Helps prevent musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)
  • Stops instantly thanks to electromagnetic brakes
  • Three maximum speeds
  • Easy to use
  • Made in North America
(read more)
Rousseau Metal inc. - Organization down to the last detail

Rousseau has the right solution for the specific requirements of each field of the aeronautics sector. (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Technician Workcenter
  • Wide range of accessories available for efficient organization.
  • 100% drawer extension.
  • The Rousseau drawer rolling mechanism is covered by a lifetime warranty.
  • Heavy-duty construction.
  • Integrates perfectly with juxtaposed Rousseau workstations (45 degrees angle).
  • Designed to be placed against a wall or back to back.
  • Level...
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Rousseau Metal inc. - Subdivide your heavy-duty drawers

Do you want to organize your drawers and store your tools tidily? Rousseau offers various solutions to divide your drawers and help you gain in efficiency and productivity. (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Subdivide Your Drawers with Plastic Bins

If you want to organize your drawers and easily move their contents around, Rousseau has a ready-made subdividing system using plastic bins. (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Accessories for cabinets and toolboxes

From surfaces to security mechanisms to identification accessories,find everything you need to create the perfect Rousseau cabinet and toolbox. (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Understanding the dimensions of your cabinets

Understanding the dimensions of your R cabinets and drawers (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Replacing Shelves with Modular Drawers

Replacing traditional shelving with drawer cabinets or shelving with drawers is one of the most effective ways to:
- Save space
- Increase speed and accuracy in order picking
- Significantly reduce the time spent taking inventory (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - MOTORIZE YOUR TOOLBOX



Designed to be stacked on top of an R cabinet, R2V Vertical Storage helps you to maximize use of the vertical space you have available. The drawers open to maximum extension, which eliminates the hard-to-reach areas found in traditional shelf storage and ensures you have full access to the contents. (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - R-Go Motorized toolbox

With an R-Go Toolbox, you can travel long distances with the minimum of effort. Ergonomic and safe, it can reduce musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) leading to greater employee retention. (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Time for your New Year's resolutions!

If you're interested to see what your workspace could look like with the 5S method, take a look at this installation by Quebec City.

Rousseau offers industry-leading, modular products that can be personalized to fit the specific needs of any business while also reflecting the desired brand image. (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - 5 Steps to Create a Storage and Work Cell Design

On-Demand Webinar: Storage Design: 5 Steps to Create a Leading-edge Storage and Work Cell Design Whether you need to reconfigure your plant or design a new space, you will face multiple challenges when it comes to storage and workstation design. In this webinar, we will discuss the steps you need to take to help you navigate these challenges successfully. (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Configuration Made Easy

Use our all-new MY MODEL-R configurator to design your stationary cabinet, mobile toolbox and shelving with drawers. (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Shelving with Sloped Shelves

Rousseau shelving with sloped shelves provides superior-quality gravity flow storage that integrates perfectly with other products in our Spider® range. This unique product on the market is available in a wide range of dimensions to fulfill your exact requirements. (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - The Cart for your every need!

The MultiTek Cart is the perfect companion for your daily tasks! Light and easy to maneuver, this small portable workstation helps you to carry out your work quickly and efficiently, without compromising on safety and ergonomics. (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - High-density Storage

High-density storage allows you to store small parts neatly and efficiently while reducing the amount of floor space used. (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Freestanding Station

• Stationary or mobile storage stations providing optimal work organization

• Evolves over time thanks to tool-free reconfiguration

• Boosts productivity and reduces risk of injuries

• Wide range of accessories available, including storage boxes, shelves, tackboards, lighting, etc.

• Made in North Americ (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Bespoke Products

These days most things you need can be found with just a few clicks on the Internet. How does this work when choosing Rousseau products? (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - heavy-duty, durable and superior-quality products

Defense & Security
Our heavy-duty, durable and superior-quality products are exactly what the armed forces need. With outstanding reliability, they are designed for intensive use, even in the most difficult conditions. (read more)

News articles and press releases for Rousseau Metal inc.:


Rousseau proudly launched its new 54" wide cabinet on February 29. As every customer and their needs are unique, Rousseau constantly seeks to provide true solutions to their daily challenges. This new dimension is one such example.


Rousseau launched its latest innovation on April 1 as its existing product range continues to expand. The all-new corner workstation, highly anticipated by customers, was unveiled with much excitement.


On February 29 Rousseau added to its wide range of workstation products for automotive technicians with the launch its new storage locker.


On February 29, Rousseau proudly launched new swing doors for its "R" line of heavy-duty cabinets and shelving. Rousseau constantly seeks to improve its product offering and the innovative design of these new doors is the result of this ongoing effort.


Rousseau Metal proudly celebrating its 65th anniversary


Do you have problems trying to store items in a limited space?


Did you know that the TF160 (WS07-04) is the best selling of our ergonomic seats?


Have you thought of offering light gray or white shelves to your clients?


Rousseau is returning this year with even more innovative products.


We have now developed WM11 frames that will allow you to maximize the "above the work surface" for workstations measuring 72" wide. With our new WM11 34" and 68" structures, you will enjoy even greater flexibility.


Give your cabinet an exceptional look!


When looking for a storage solution for bulkier items, Spider® mini-racking is an ideal option when space is tight. 3 different types of decking are offered.


A model that will no doubt please numerous technicians and mechanics.


Are you looking for a solution that will enable you to: • Store your items while leaving space above the work surface? • Clean your floor easily? • Position the workstation at an adequate height for your employees?


Improving the efficiency and quality of the work environment.


Agriculture and Small Engine Equipment Market


Rousseau products enable you to locate your items easily and quickly since we know how important it is to be well organized. Our systems are built strong, modular, adaptable, high quality and great value for money.


Storage System for the Mining Industry.


The Rousseau storage systems are designed to meet all of the requirements of underground and open-pit mines. Our products are sturdy, safe and of high quality in order to satisfy the needs of the various sectors of your industry.


Our products, which combine quality, durability and robustness, ease of use, and quick assembly and flexibility, will help you save time and space, which will result directly in considerable savings.


Whether you work in the industrial, electronic, pharmaceutical or computer industry, our products, which are renowned for being among the best on the market in terms of quality, reliability and durability


Rousseau tire rack, available in a single and double version, is a specialized storage system designed for the automotive parts market.


The floor anchoring kit (LA76) is available on order shipped after August 1st in its new and improved version!


Spider® shelving systems with 48”W x 24”D units have many different advantages versus the very popular shelving size of 38”W x 12”D.


When designing the parts department counter for your clients, it is important to consider the different requirements that they may have.


The galvanized steel top (RC36) is the perfect solution when you are looking to suggest an advantageous option to your clients.


For lighting that is as bright as it is eco-efficient, we are now offering the LED light (RD07).


Whether your clients are interested in a product with a distinctive appearance or for optimal storage with maximized security, Rousseau has the accessories they need!


As a leader in product innovation and development, many of our products hold patents.


The Rousseau modular drawer is the ideal solution for businesses that continue to evolve without wanting to completely change their existing storage systems.


Whether it is for the performance and racing domain, for your personal garage, for a car wash, or for training future technicians, we can find the best solution that will answer almost any need.


Like Rousseau on Facebook and complete the registration form from 8/8 - 9/7 for a chance to win an "L" double mobile compact cabinet (L3BED-3453L3) in the colour of your choice.


The waste and recycling drawer is an interesting option for integrating the sorting of these items in your storage solution.


The fixed “R” cabinets can be combined with several different types of bases. Depending on the needs of your clients, you can offer them various solutions.


Smart computer cabinets that are installed above the work surface on workstations are equipped with a retractable keyboard support.


Smart computer cabinets that are installed above the work surface on workstations are equipped with a retractable keyboard support.


We’ve posted a new video available on YouTube.


Rousseau now has a corporate page on Facebook. In fact, since last week, Rousseau has had a corporate company page open to everyone.


Dedicated to storage for the defence and security sectors; this section provides you with an overview of Rousseau expertise, experience, flexibility and the quality of the products.


Three types of panels can help you convert your stationary cabinet into a workstation.


Three types of panels can help you convert your stationary cabinet into a workstation.


For several years now, Rousseau has been producing storage systems for mainly industrial use.


As a result of close collaboration with different sectors in the government, Rousseau has gained solid experience in this domain.


This month we would like to shine the light on the different drawer heights available with Rousseau drawers. With the 400 lb capacity per drawer, our rolling system is the best on the market!


A cabinet accessory that provides added security by stopping drawers from opening on their own. Add a useful security accessory to your Smart compact mobile “L” cabinet!


The new Rousseau “L” compact cabinet allows you to create innumerable configurations for different markets and tasks. This cabinet is perfect for integrating with a workstation or in either stationary or mobile applications.


At Rousseau, we are aware that, to be able to provide the best care and services to your clientele, you have to have perfect control over the organization of your supplies and materials.Your work instruments must be clearly identified and easy to find.


Rousseau is proud to present the new smart compact mobile “L” cabinet. There is no other product of its size on the market available with as much flexibility.


Rousseau is proud to present its new product line: the “L” compact cabinet! The new line is a smaller and lighter storage system than our heavy-duty “R” cabinet, while being just as efficient.


Rousseau is proud to now offer stainless steel drawer fronts (RF35) for your tool boxes and GT workbenches. Installing these new drawers in a painted steel housing will introduce an impressive look to your car dealership.


The only cabinet in its category with this much flexibility, the Rousseau “L” compact cabinet is an excellent alternative to the “R” cabinet. Versatile, ingenious and modular, the “L” Compact Cabinet has an innovative design.


The Rousseau modular drawer is the ideal solution for businesses that continue to evolve without wanting to completely change their existing storage systems. The design of our mounting brackets, the R drawer is compatible with 35 brands of shelving .


The LCD Monitor Support (RC57-01), Laptop Support (RC58-01) and LCD Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse Support (RC58-02) are now available in their newly improved versions. These items are available to be ordered now!


Accessories for the ends of shelving aisles allow your clients to optimize otherwise unused space.


Our storage solutions are numerous and are designed to offer you the flexibility you need to create the best system for your needs.


Rousseau is now offering you the possibility of transforming our heavy-duty cabinets into workstations that are not only good-looking, but also ergonomic!


When the time comes for you to find a storage solution that allows you to store small, medium and large parts in the same system, Spider® shelving and mini-racking are what you need!


The Rousseau resistant acrylic/PVC plastic laminated top is a great choice of work surface for your workstation.


Quickly figure out which tools are missing thanks to the identification decal.


The multipurpose stand for wire spools is a popular unit which gives users easy access to the wire spools.


When looking for a storage solution for bulkier items, Spider® mini-racking is an ideal option when space is tight. 3 different types of decking are offered.


With the release of our new items, Rousseau is proud to present our computer supports!


With its common post, Rousseau Spider® shelving allows you to purchase a starter and an add-on unit to build your system.


opt for two different paint colors on your storage system.


Thanks to the Rousseau drawers in shelving system, you can save a huge portion of your storage space.


It is important to understand that, even though our company and our products are not officially LEED certified, our products can still contribute to your customers point accumulation.


Rousseau has a wide range of standard colors for you to choose from.


The Rousseau drawer accessories make your work easy