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SICK's newest multiscan LiDAR provides mobile robots 360°, 3D views of the surrounding area with only one sensor (read more)

SICK - 10 steps to a safe, productive mobile robot

In this practical guide, you will find the 10 key steps for reconciling safety and productivity. In particular, you will learn: (read more)

SICK - Suitable for all your tank level measuring needs

Regardless of the type of tank, application and medium – thanks to its non-contact 80 GHz radar technology the SicWave product line is suitable for all your level measuring needs. HART communication and Bluetooth connection simplify service and diagnostics on the device and prepare it optimally for Industry 4.0 applications. (read more)

SICK - The Digitalization of the Manufacturing Sector

Watch SICK Uncovered: Get an inside look at SICK's new production facility in Minneapolis, MN. This production site embraces the spirit of digitalization of the manufacturing sector. See it in action with our expert, Divya Prakash! (read more)

SICK - The Five Steps to Digital Transformation

So you’re ready to tackle a digital transformation project in your facility, but what’s the best way to start? (read more)

SICK - How to bring an AGV system to a small company

How to bring an AGV system to a small company—yes, it’s possible! Automating your logistics processes is no longer a “nice to have,” but a “must have,” even for small- to mid-sized companies. So what solutions should these companies turn to to stay competitive? They need affordable automated guided vehicle (AGV) system solutions that can be rapidly dep... (read more)

SICK - Safety as a service: Risk assessment to validation

Complex regulations, demanding technical implementation and meticulous documentation – machine safety is a real challenge. Many top machine builders therefore rely on collaboration with external partners. (read more)

SICK - Learn how to evaluate and determine risks

Safety has a high value – it serves to protect people. Employees responsible for safety are faced with complex laws, regulations,
labeling measures and guidelines, making it difficult to remember the
minute details. We sort through the complex, often difficult to
understand requirements to make it easier for you. (read more)

SICK - New Flexible linear encoder

Linear encoders DAX® Flexible linear encoder for countless industrial applications

Easy integration into new and existing machine designs thanks to high system flexibility, low space requirements and customizable functions, such as backward compatibility with manufacturer-specific position magnets. (read more)

SICK - The world’s first 3D time-of-flight camera

A new dimension in safety technology. Allows safe three-dimensional environment perception that you can use to increase the safety and efficiency of your applications. (read more)

SICK - A day in the life a Process Automation Technician

A day in the life of….a Process Automation Field Services Technician.

We walk through what it’s like to be a Process Automation Field Services Technician at SICK (read more)

SICK - Photoelectric sensors Roller Sensor Bar

Your Benefits

  • Reduce conveyor downtime due to false switchings on background-objects
  • Optimize sensor performance by configuring beam spacing to the mm
  • Increase detection area across the entire conveyor bed by removing blind zones on the near and far side of the conveyor
  • IO-Link provides individual beam break information which can be used for...
(read more)
SICK - Photoelectric sensors - long range G20 sensor

SICK’s economical global series of photoelectric sensors welcomes the new long range G20 sensor.

G20 at-a-glance:

  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Intuitive and fast commissioning with light/dark switching, additional front LED and adjustable signal delay
  • Compact design and availability for DC and AC/DC
  • Reduced downtime due to hi
(read more)
SICK - Global Company of the Year in IIoT Sensor Industry

SICK honored with the 2022 Global Industrial Internet of Things Sensor Company of the Year Award from Frost & Sullivan (read more)

SICK - Creating Safe Productivity: Empower Your Business

Partner up with SICK and benefit from safety solutions that make your processes run smoothly and enable humans and machines to work as a team. Not only do we make sure your workflows are safe, but we also realize their underlying productivity potentials. We call this Safe Productivity. (read more)

SICK - Flare gas measurement in upstream applications

FLOWSIC100 Flare-XT: Ultrasonic flare gas measurement

Precise and robust gas flow meter for flare gas or flare stack applications: (read more)

SICK - Introducing flexLock (3/3): Remain safe

flexLock is an all-round safety locking device with an open locking head for 180° approachability and easy cleaning. (read more)

SICK - Improve sortation of non-conveyables

The VMS4300-VDS improves sortation of non-conveyables in a non-singulated flow with touching/side-by-side functionality (read more)

SICK - New Smart Service App - Better Data Visualization

SICK is launching Monitoring Box, the latest offering to curate, visualize, and analyze status data from SICK sensors (read more)


After recent success with the conversion and certification of SICK’s MCS300 HW analyzer solution, SICK has added another product to its lineup of those certified with Class 1, Division 2 approval. (read more)

SICK - RFID Improves Digital Production & Logistics

How RFID Improves Digital Production and Logistics at Audi. Audi’s Neckarsulm site sets the foundation for a fully connected automotive production factory. (read more)

SICK - Learn how camera system reduces risk of collision

With 3D snapshot technology the live image monitor helps the driver avoid collisions by issuing acoustic and visual warnings, even in harsh production environments. (read more)

SICK - On Air With SICK USA Learn About the B11 Standards

On Air With SICK USA includes discussions on manufacturing and warehousing industry trends, product innovations, and some exemplary uses of sensor technology in today’s market. (read more)

SICK - Introducing Your Campus Tour Guide

See how four students from Texas A&M University designed an AMR to guide users around campus. (read more)

SICK - What is the ANSI B11.19 Standard?

White paper: What is the ANSI B11.19 Standard? A comprehensive handbook to the new edition of the ANSI B11.19 Standard.

This comprehensive handbook discusses the new edition of the ANSI B11.19 Standard. Topics include newly added risk reduction measures, solutions for whole body access, physical barriers and (read more)

SICK - Increase transparency and lower human error

White Paper: Increase transparency with a networked production environment. As the electronics industry shifts toward automation and digitalization, using sensor solutions can reduce manual work done in production logistics and create transparency, ultimately mitigating the risk of human error. (read more)



The new SLG-2 is one of the most compact automation light grids of its kind of the market and offers high performance detection and measurement (read more)

SICK - 3D Machine Vision

3D Machine Vision Ruler3000

Highly accurate with an unmatched measurement speed, the new generation Ruler3000 3D cameras will be the number one choice for machine vision system integrators and industrial applications. (read more)

SICK - Machine Vision

3D Machine Vision Ranger3

Highly accurate and with an unmatched measurement speed, the next generation of Ranger3 streaming cameras can be configured for a wider range of needs. (read more)

SICK - The gate to ultrasonic gas flow measuring devices

The new FLOWgate™ operating software for all FLOWSIC ultrasonic gas flow meters and ultrasonic gas flow measuring devices from SICK links diagnostic data quickly and intelligently and presents them already prepared – for consistently easy operation or for clear, needs-based process monitoring (read more)

SICK - Create a smart production logistics environment

This white paper describes the value chain in the electronics industry. The value chain encompasses the
manufacturing of semiconductor chips based on silicon wafers and electronic components like connectors and capacitors, their placement on printed circuit boards, and the mounting of subassemblies and electronic devices. (read more)

SICK - Smart Logistics for the Electronics Industry


Learn to creating transparent and dynamic material and information flows for a smart and networked production logistics environment. Read the white paper! (read more)

SICK - 3D Streaming Camera for measurement precision

SICK’S NEW 3D STREAMING CAMERA PROVIDES UNMATCHED SPEED AND MEASUREMENT PRECISION. The Ruler3000 provides distinct advantages for OEMs, system integrators, and accomplished 3D vision end users. (read more)

SICK - Problem Solver Sensor for Smart Object Detection

SICK drives innovation with the new W4F miniature photoelectric sensor for intelligent object detection in tight installation spaces for proximity applications (read more)

SICK - Learn how to increase plant process efficiency

Localization aids in the digitization of industrial production. With accurate localization data from SICK sensors, everything can become fully automated, boosting delivery quality and on-time delivery. (read more)

SICK - Safety controller with future-proof technology

SICK's Flexi Compact safety controller is a space-saving and modular machine safety solution. Configured for a wide-range of applications, it helps to reduce costly downtimes and increase productivity. (read more)

SICK - How real-time localization can improve efficiency

SICKGet better data from your processes with localization

Localization aids in the digitization of industrial production. With accurate localization data from SICK sensors, everything can become fully automated, boosting delivery quality and on-time delivery. (read more)

SICK - Flowsic 100 Flare XT

Precise and robust gas flow meter for flare gas or flare stack applications: Our ultrasonic gas flow measuring instrument FLOWSIC100 Flare-XT is designed for flare gas measurement or flare metering. The high-resolution measurement and innovative sensor design is being developed for most efficient uses in petroleum refineries, natural gas processing or offshore and onshore oil and gas pla... (read more)

SICK - Sick Launches the 1st Safe Multibeam Scanner

The scanGrid2 safe multibeam scanner from SICK is the first of its kind in the world. Certified as a Type 2/SIL 1 safety sensor according to IEC 61496-3, the scanGrid2 can protect hazardous areas up to performance level c and works well for collision avoidance. (read more)


The MAX48 linear encoder enables non-contact, completely integrated
and absolute position measurement in hydraulic cylinders. Suitable for use under extreme ambient and operating conditions in applications in mobile machines. The innovative technology of magnetostriction offers high reliability,

See options here (read more)

SICK - Smaller Linear Encoder for Mobile Machines

SICK has launched the smaller MAX30 to accommodate smaller cylinders on smaller mobile machines. (read more)

SICK - Flowsic600 XT

The FLOWSIC600-XT is available in variants with 4, 4+1, 4+4, and 8 measurement paths to meet the requirements of every application, whether it is being used as a stand-alone or system solution. In addition to the OIML R 137 Class 1.0 requirements, the FLOWSIC600-XT meets the requirements of Class 0.5 and AGA9 in their entirety. (read more)

SICK - In-situ gas analyzers from SICK

Efficient flue gas cleaning is used in modern power stations. Another method used to reduce NOx is the SCR (selective catalytic reduction) that uses NH3 for conversion of NOx. Even with high dust concentrations, high temperatures, and high gas velocities, control and efficient operation of the SCR system is ideally done in-situ, in real-time, and across the full diameter of the process d... (read more)

SICK - Flowsic 500

The FLOWSIC500 ultrasonic compact gas meter from SICK enables extremely accurate natural gas distribution measurement. Without any mechanical moving parts, the FLOWSIC500 is rugged, reliable, and maintenance-free, reducing operating costs. It is overload-proof, accurate and is monitored by an intelligent diagnostics system. Recalibration is extremely straightforward. (read more)

SICK - Process solutions MCS300P HW

Simultaneous process monitoring of up to 6 measuring components

Features at a glance

  • Simultaneous measurement of up to 6 components plus O2
  • Measurement gas flow monitoring and measurement gas pressure detection
  • Temperature of the system components up to 200 °C
  • Automated sample point switching for up to 3 sample points (optional)<.../li>
(read more)
SICK - High Performance Compact Image-Based Code Reader

SICK’s Lector61x is a compact camera-based code reader that specializes in reading miniature codes at a high performance level even with minimal installation space (read more)

SICK - Robots see more with 3D snapshot technology

More autonomy in goods receiving: In order to face the new automotive challenges, every automotive manufacturer should increase their investments in modernizing their production processes. One large automotive manufacturer in the Czech Republic has already started making investments in logistics. Read the Full Article (read more)

SICK - CEMS solutions - Tailored for measuring emissions

SICK's CEMS solutions are analyzer solutions that have been specifically designed for measuring emissions at power plants, industrial facilities, or on ships. CEMS solutions can be used to measure pollutants and reference quantities and to perform data processing on the results in accordance with the relevant national or international legislation.

Product family MCS200HW

Pr... (read more)

SICK - Inside Look: Updated ANSI B11.19 Standard: Part 1

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) provides national standards to achieve the safety of people working with industrial equipment. The ANSI B11 Standards series provides details on various aspects of machinery safety standards. (read more)

SICK - Safety laser scanner for mobile applications

Smallest profile safety laser scanner on the market enhances use of small mobile robots

Safety laser scanner for mobile applications: small mobile robots just got safer

Mobile platforms are known by many names – automated guided vehicles (AGVs), autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), or automated guided carts (AGCs) – but they all have one thing in common (read more)


See how SICK is bringing transparency to the supply chain! Whether you're an OEM designing the latest autonomous platform or a user deploying AMRs in your facility for the first time, you don't want to miss this webinar focusing on the latest sensor technology for autonomous vehicles and mobile robots. Join one of SICK's technology and applications experts who will delve into the latest... (read more)

SICK - Improving Productivity with Vision-Guided Robots

See the possibilites with robot guidance systems from SICK. Manual part picking is an expensive, labor-intensive process. Read the full article now. (read more)


Large RFID readers are challenging to fit in such tight spaces and are often not needed to detect such small objects. This is where SICK’s RFU61x can help. Read our blog post and application note to learn how you get add more flexibility to your processes with the adjustable reading range of the RFU61x. (read more)

SICK - Line guidance and grid localization OLS

The OLS is a line guidance sensor based on luminescence technology. It detects conventional luminescent lines regardless of background, contamination, or surface defects and reliably outputs the deviation from the center of the lane (read more)

SICK - Part Localization for Bin Picking (PLB)

SICK’s PLB is a vision system that can be used for high-precision localization of parts that are randomly oriented in bins and boxes. The vision system consists of a 3D camera, part localization software, and tools for easy integration. (read more)

SICK - SICK’s TDC-E gateway system

The TDC-E Telematic Data Collector is the newest addition to SICK's portfolio of gateway systems. The TDC gateway systems from SICK are used to collect, analyze, store, and transmit sensor data in mobile and stationary applications. (read more)

SICK’s PLR system has a number of key features that provide reliable robot guidance to shorten cycle times and reduce costs. The PLR is a factory-calibrated system with preloaded software so it is ready to use out of the box. Simply install the device, connect it to the robot controller, load an existing configuration or create a new one in a few minutes, and PLR is up and running. (read more)

SICK - Photoelectric Sensors

Versatile, reliable, first-class

The wide selection of photoelectric sensors from SICK ensures that numerous automation engineering applications around the world can be implemented both effectively and efficiently. Photoelectric sensors from SICK are available as standard in a wide range of designs and materials. (read more)

SICK - How to Start Your Digital Transformation Journey

Adding a new dimension to the world of sensors with solutions for smart manufacturing and production (read more)