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Thermon, Inc - Genesis Duo™ IIoT Enabled Heat Trace Controller

Genesis Duo™ is Thermon’s new industry leading heat trace controller. The Genesis Duo is designed around our latest IIoT platform enabling seamless integration into the Genesis Network with no additional hardware. The Duo operates on all of the same control algorithms as the Genesis Multi-Point Control Panel in a compact dual circuit package that can be pipe mounted or wall m... (read more)

Thermon, Inc - Thermon Acquires Powerblanket

Thermon, a global leader in industrial process heating solutions has acquired Powerblanket, (“Powerblanket”), a leading North American supplier of heated blankets built upon patented heat spreading technology and portable industrial chillers. (read more)

Thermon, Inc - Heating & Filtration Solutions for Oil/Gas Sector

Thermon provides industrial heating and filtration solutions to all sectors of the Oil and Gas industry. (read more)

Thermon, Inc - Ruffneck™ Explosion-Proof Heater for Severe Duty

The FX6-SD is the next generation Ruffneck™ explosion-proof electric air heater, built for severe duty applications that can lead to accelerated wear of electrical components and damage to the heater core. (read more)

Thermon, Inc - FX6 Explosion-Proof Unit Heater Redefines Safety

Redefining the standard of safety, the New FX6 Explosion-Proof Electric Air Unit offers the same versatility and heat standards as the FX5, along with added safety features. (read more)

Thermon, Inc - Infrared Radiant Heaters (OK Series)

Air & Space Heater

The major benefit of infrared heating is its ability to transfer heat to a person or object without heating the surrounding air. Caloritech™ Infrared Radiant Heaters are available in six different series. (read more)

Thermon, Inc - BX - Heavy-Duty Convection Heater

The Caloritech™ BX Heavy-Duty Convection Heater is ideal for industrial applications where a rugged and dependable heat source is required, including factory offices, crane cabs, ticket booths, guard houses, repair shops, shipping rooms, trains and streetcars. (read more)

Thermon, Inc - Forced Air Heaters (RCH)

Caloritech™ Fan-Forced Cab Heaters are available in three different models. The RCH1, RCH2 and RCH3 (read more)

Thermon, Inc - CPB - Basic Control Panel

The Caloritech™ CPB Basic Control Panel is used to interface with electric heaters that have remotely located thermostats, limit controls, percentage timers or other control components. (read more)

Thermon, Inc - FLX™ Self-Regulating Heating Cable

FLX self-regulating heating cables are designed to provide freeze protection and temperature maintenance to metallic and nonmetallic pipes, tanks and equipment. (read more)

Thermon, Inc - Air Duct Heaters (DF, DI Series)

Caloritech™ Air Duct Heaters are designed for use in comfort heating applications such as makeup air heating, air preheating, air handling equipment, fan coils, terminal reheating, multizone reheating, heat pump auxiliary systems and return air heating. (read more)

Thermon, Inc - LH - Line Heater

The Cata-Dyne™ LH Line Heater prevents equipment freezing and possible hydrate formation during pressure reduction at natural gas regulating sites. (read more)

Thermon, Inc - XB - Explosion-Proof Natural Convection Heater

The Norseman™ XB Explosion-Proof Natural Convection Heater is designed for heating applications where explosive substances may be present, such as control cabinets and small enclosures, storage rooms for paints and cleaners, grain elevators, flour mills, spray booths, gas plants, pump houses, oil platforms, cleaning and dyeing plants, and marine/offshore areas. (read more)

Thermon, Inc - CR1 - Triton™ Corrosion-Resistant Washdown Heater

The Ruffneck™ CR1 Triton™ Unit Heater is a corrosion-resistant washdown heater, designed for non-hazardous locations and applications using water pressure of less than 70 psi. (read more)

Thermon, Inc - Flange Heater Specialty Heater

Electric immersion heaters are commonly used in tank and pressure vessel heating applications, where there is a requirement to maintain liquid temperature to a certain controlled set point. (read more)

Thermon, Inc - CX - Flange Heater

Caloritech™ CX Replacement Boiler Flange Heaters are registered Caloritech™ quality replacements for boilers of the highest commercial grade available anywhere. (read more)

Thermon, Inc - EX Series Circulation Heaters

Caloritech™ Circulation Heaters are available in three different series (read more)

Thermon, Inc - Circulation Heater

Circulation heaters are the equivalent to tube and shell heat exchangers with the particular feature that the core bundle is manufactured with electric tubular heating elements. Circulation heaters are used in applications where a process stream needs to be heated to a finely controlled set-point. (read more)

Thermon, Inc - Packaged Hot Water Boilers (HW, VW)

All Caloritech™ Packaged Hot Water Boilers are 100% efficient with over 98% of the energy consumed transferred directly to the water. They come in 5 different series (read more)

Thermon, Inc - Packaged Electric Steam Boilers (VSB, VHSB, HSB)

Caloritech™ Electric Steam Boilers are available in Horizontal and Vertical models and can be used as a sole source of steam, or readily adapted to dual energy systems. They come in three different series. (read more)

Thermon, Inc - CWCB - Packaged Circulation Heater

The Caloritech™ CWCB Packaged Circulation Heater is designed for installation in circulating loops where space is limited. (read more)

Thermon, Inc - Calorifiers (HC, VC Series)

Electric Calorifiers
Caloritech™types VC and HC electric calorifiers are essentially hot water storage tanks fitted with one or more flange heaters and a prewired control panel. (read more)

Thermon, Inc - Custom CEMS and Analyzer Sample Lines

Electrically Heated Tubing Bundles

Increased regulatory requirements are stringent, real, and can be costly for emissions monitoring sampling. This is particularly true for high temperature extractive and mercury (Hg) CEMS applications. (read more)

Thermon, Inc - Thermon Genesis Network

The Genesis Network for controls and monitoring delivers full operational awareness and supervisory control over heat trace systems, with low total installed cost and maximum flexibility. (read more)

Thermon, Inc - FP Parallel Constant Watt Heating Cable

Freeze Protection or Process Temperature Maintenance FP parallel resistance constant watt heating cables are designed to provide freeze protection or process temperature maintenance to piping, tanks and equipment. The parallel resistance configuration allows the cable to be cut to length and terminated in the field with easy-to-use Thermon supplied kits. (read more)

Thermon, Inc - MIQ™ Series Constant Watt Heating Cable

MIQ high performance mineral insulated heating cables are used extensively for high temperature maintenance, high temperature exposure and/or high watt density applications which exceed the limitations of thermoplastic insulated cables. The resistance configurations available can provide tracing for pipes up to 1 mile (1.6 km) long from a single power supply point. (read more)

Thermon, Inc - ThermoTube Preinsulated tubing

ThermoTube is a single insulated tube ideally suited to transport hot or cold liquids or gases. It was specifically developed for steam supply and condensate return lines, and is also used as an un-heated sample line. (read more)

Thermon, Inc - Instrument Tubing Bundles

TubeTrace, with "cut-to-length" HPT power-limiting heat tracing, is designed to provide freeze protection or temperature maintenance for tubing where high temperature exposure capability is possible. HPT withstands temperature exposures of 500°F (260°C). Durability has made TubeTrace with HPT the industry standard for high temperature emissions and process analyzer applications. (read more)

Thermon, Inc - Tank & Vessel Heating Solutions

The RT FlexiPanel is a self-contained, high performance flexible heating panel designed specifically for use on metallic tanks or vessels. Designed to provide heat outputs at 2 watts per square inch (3,100 watts per square meter) or less, the RT FlexiPanel distributes heat evenly over the entire panel surface.1 (read more)

Thermon, Inc -  Self-Regulating Heating Cable

Process Temperature Maintenance or Freeze Protection HTSX self-regulating heating cables are designed specifically for process temperature maintenance or freeze protection where high temperature exposure capability is required. HTSX withstands the temperature exposures associated with steam purging. (read more)

Thermon, Inc - Heat Transfer Compounds

Thermon Heat Transfer Compounds (cement) provide an efficient thermal connection between the tracer and the process equipment. By eliminating the air voids, heat is directed into the pipe or tank wall through conduction rather than convection. A single tracer utilizing Thermon's heat transfer compound has the equivalent performance of three to five bare tracers. (read more)

Thermon, Inc - TubeTrace Tubing Bundles

TubeTrace, with "cut-to-length" BSX or HTSX self-regulating heat tracing, is designed to provide freeze protection or temperature maintenance for tubing where no "steam out" of the tubing is possible. BSX withstands temperature exposures of 185°F (85°C). HTSX withstands temperature exposures of 420°F (215°C). (read more)

Thermon, Inc - Series Constant Watt Heating Cables

Series constant watt heating cables include a metallic heating element. Circuit length has a direct effect on the power output.

These cables are designed specifically for temperature maintenance of piping, tanks and equipment with longer circuit length requirements. (read more)

Thermon, Inc - TraceNet™ ECM™ Electronic Control Module

The well established Thermon Terminator range has now been extended by the Terminator ECM – Electronic Control Module. This highly accurate state of the art controller has a very wide control range and can be located in hazardous areas. (read more)

Thermon, Inc - Vessel Heating System

HeetSheet tank heating units are constructed of 26 gage type 304 stainless steel, conforming to ASTM A240. The welded waffle style pattern provides multiple flow paths reducing risk of blockage possible with single-flow designs. (read more)

Thermon, Inc - Foundation Heating

Thermon RSX parallel self-regulating heating cables provide frostheave protection of cryogenic storage vessels. RSX heating cables offer the power output needed to maintain the substrate of cryogenic tanks above freezing temperatures. With cut-to-length parallel circuitry, RSX cables can be field fabricated, eliminating the need for specific circuit lengths to be provided for the applica... (read more)

Thermon, Inc - HEA — Regulator Enclosure Heaters

The Regulator Enclosure is specifically designed to provide freeze protection for a wide variety of natural gas pipeline regulators. (read more)

Thermon, Inc - TraceNet™ TCM2 Dual Circuit Control & Monitoring

Remotely-operated TraceNet™ TCM2 unit controls & monitors heat trace around-the-clock. (read more)

Thermon, Inc - Complete Heat Trace Audit

Complete Heat Trace Audit

The winter months lead to many industrial plants being subjected to pipes, instruments and vessels freezing resulting in expensive down time, lost production, burst pipes and water damage. To prevent this happening to your plant Thermon can provide a comprehensive heat trace system audit, for both hazardous and non-hazardous areas. (read more)

Thermon, Inc - HPT™ Power-Limiting Cables

Process Temperature Maintenance or Freeze Protection High performance HPT power-limiting heating cables are designed specifically for process temperature maintenance or freeze protection where high maintain temperatures or high temperature exposure is required. (read more)

Thermon, Inc - TubeTrace Freeze Protection High Temp Steam Lines

TubeTrace Type SEI/MEI - HT, HTX, and HTX2 electrically heated instrument tubing was developed to freeze protect high temperature steam lines. Though designed for freeze protection of condensates, temperatures of super-heated steam for sampling will be extremely hot during normal operation. (read more)

Thermon, Inc - Steam Heated Bundles

Applications are freeze protection and process temperature maintenance for process instrument impulse lines, sample lines, and small diameter process lines.

TubeTrace Type SI and MI steam trace is a metallic tracer tube that is isolated from direct contact with the process tube(s). TubeTrace Type SP and MP "heavy" steam trace is a metallic tracer tube in direct contact with the pr... (read more)

Thermon, Inc - BTS Steam Tracer

SafeTrace BTS is a metallic tracer tube covered with a special high temperature polymer jacket. The SafeTrace BTS jacket provides a measure of personnel burn protection without sacrificing thermal performance when compared to bare metal tube tracers installed on a pipe. (read more)

Thermon, Inc - KSR Heating Cables for Surface Snow & Ice Melting

Self-Regulating Heating Cable

Application: Snow and Ice Melting
KSR self-regulating heating cables are an integral part of Thermon's SnoTrace™ snow and ice melting systems. Designed and approved specifically for direct burial, KSR cable withstands the abuse encountered during concrete placement. (read more)

Thermon, Inc - Skin Effect Heating Systems

A ThermTrac skin effect system provides a cost-effective alternative to conventional resistance heat tracing on long pipelines by eliminating the need for an extensive power distribution system. A pipeline up to 15 miles (25 km) long can be traced from a single power point. (read more)