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Vlier has promoted these products / services:

Vlier - Ball Lock Pins - Commercial Grade

These commercial grade pins are readily available and are offered in the most popular sizes at an economical cost. Your choice of either "T" handle, or button handle, the designs are perfect for manufacturing, medical, vehicle, marine, and many other applications. (read more)

Vlier - Push-Fit Ball Plungers - Easy Installation

Push-fit ball plungers are designed for easy installation into wood, soft plastic or aluminum. Ideal where a threaded spring plunger is impractical or when threaded adjustments are not required.
The stainless steel variety offers the added benefit of maximum protection against rust and corrosion. (read more)

Vlier - Ball Buttons - easy to push into a reamed hole

Ball buttons can be easily pushed into a reamed hole to provide the perfect ball plunger mating detent. (read more)

Vlier - Torque thumb screws with a range of holding styles

Vlier’s line of precisely engineered mechanical components includes our torque thumb screw, which provides a range of holding styles such as regular, reverse, variable and off-angle support. The five available designs of these torque screws are engineered to meet the needs of applications across a wide range of industries. All five designs include a checknut to prevent back-off dur... (read more)

Vlier - Looking to minimize shock, vibration, and noise?

Isolating Vibration, Enhancing Control: 20 Years of Vlier's LMS Levelers (read more)

Vlier - LMS Levelers Extend Equipment Lifespan, cut costs

Designed with the aim of dampening shocks and isolating low-frequency vibrations in sensitive machinery, Vlier’s LMS Anti-Vibration Levelers effectively extend equipment lifespan. By reducing vibration, these devices mitigate wear and tear, thereby enhancing overall durability and lowering operational costs. Vlier’s LMS Levelers have a proven track record in numerous applicat... (read more)

Vlier - The Impact of Ceramic Plungers

Why Ceramic Plungers?

This undertaking began when we created a solution for an instrument used in spinal surgery for vertebral compression fractures. Our specially designed threaded plunger sets a critical torque value that is needed during the surgical procedure, as to ensure no injuries or damage to bone. At the same time, the hygienic nature of the ceramic ball made it ideal fo... (read more)

Vlier - LMS AntiVibration Levelers-Less Vibration & Noise

The best anti-vibration leveling devices for data storage and sensitive electronic manufacturing equipment, large medical equipment, industrial workstations and more. Discover the benefits of Vlier’s LMS Anti-Vibration Levelers. (read more)

Vlier - The smallest parts are often the mightiest

When a job requires equipment that can stand up to anything, every part matters—and the smallest are often the mightiest.

Allowing for easy installation and removal using only a hex wrench, our new line of Posi-HexTM ceramic ball plungers helps engineers meet specific criteria for temperature tolerance, chemical resistance, longevity and more. The enhanced product... (read more)

Vlier - Ceramic ball plungers-non-magnetic & lightweight

The enhanced design of our Posi-HexTM ceramic ball plungers allows for easy installation and removal using only a hex wrench. They are self-contained spring loaded devices, frequently used in indexing, locating or positioning in a variety of applications. The product design automates and simplifies the assembly process for manufacturers, while the unique ceramic makeup allows... (read more)

Vlier - Meet extreme tolerances with ceramic plungers

Coming Soon! Vlier’s NEW Posi-Hex Ceramic Plungers

Our new Posi-Hex Ceramic Ball Plungers are self-contained ball and spring devices for use in indexing, locating or positioning in a variety of applications. Made from alumina oxide, these parts possess unique properties for equipment used in extreme conditions, from deep sea to deep space. The benefits include:

(read more)
Vlier - New Posi-HexTM Ceramic Ball Plungers

Vlier’s Posi-HexTM ceramic ball plungers are an innovative twist on our classic solutions for locating, indexing and positioning. The unique ceramic makeup of this part makes it ideal for extreme environments, standing up to the toughest conditions from deep sea to deep space. Learn how our Posi-HexTM ceramic ball plungers can help you meet specific criteria f... (read more)

Vlier - Ceramic Ball Plungers offer high-temp tolerance

Celebrating 80 Years of Innovation

Posi-HexTM Ceramic Ball Plungers

We are determined not to rest on the success of the past 80 years. It’s up to us to continue pushing the envelope and create valuable new products for all kinds of applications.

That’s why this year, we’ve introduced a brand-new product to our catalog: Posi-HexTM (read more)

Vlier - Benefits of Ceramic Ball Plungers

Ceramic Benefits

  • Cleanroom compatibility
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Electrical insulation
  • Easily recyclable
  • Longer life than steel/other metals
  • Non-magnetic
  • Nearly frictionless
  • Lower weight than steel
  • Non-marking/marring
  • High-temperature tolerance
  • Enhanced thermal dissipation

Le... (read more)

Vlier - Knurled Press-Fit Plungers-Unlimited Possibilities

Designed to position, secure, quick disconnect, index, locate and detent, Vlier knurled press-fit plungers are suited for nearly any application. These parts are designed without a shoulder for easy installation from either end, making them ideal where a threaded plunger is impractical or when threaded adjustments are not required. In addition to saving time and money, they are accurate,... (read more)

Vlier - Our parts help innovative aircrafts take flight

The Stakes Are High in the Aerospace Industry

Global aviation professionals and manufacturers rely on our engineered components for their quality, durability and precision. Our aviation expertise dates to World War II, when we engineered parts for use in military build-ups of bombers and fighter planes.

Vlier is an ISO:9001 certified, AS9100 certified, government-approved m... (read more)

Vlier - Precisely engineered parts for automotive industry

State-of-the-Art Technologies & Obsessive Quality Control (read more)

Vlier - Choosing the Right Ball Lock Pin for Your App

Choosing the Right Ball Lock Pin for Your Application

Lock Pin Capabilities

No matter the size or design, each of our locking pins operates under the same basic principle, offering quick fastening, positive locking and adjusting in repetitive connections until the button is depressed. When pushed, the button moves the center spindle forward to allow the locking balls... (read more)

Vlier - Celebrating LMS Anti-Vibration Levelers

Celebrating LMS Anti-Vibration Levelers During National Inventors Month

Innovation is the key to human progress—without the creation of novel inventions, stagnation would set in, and world-altering breakthroughs would be few and far between. For more than 75 years, Vlier has pushed the envelope on what’s possible in the precision engineering space, building an extensiv... (read more)

Vlier - Dynamic Applications of Knurled Press-Fit Plungers

When it comes to manufacturing, two of the primary goals are ease of assembly and efficiency of use, as perfectly embodied by the installation method of our knurled press-fit plungers. Originally designed as a detent mechanism for indexing shell plates, they have since been adopted across industries including automotive, medical, technology and more. Below, we examine how such a small pa... (read more)

Vlier - Which Are the Right Quick Release Devices for You?

Does your product design require a precise alignment for positive locking to secure or position? Our line of quick release devices (QRD)—more specifically, our quick release plunger designs—may be the perfect solution across a wide variety of industries. There are multiple plunger types that fall into this dynamic category, so we’re describing the purposes and strengths... (read more)

Vlier - New Year, New Products - Hygienic Leveling Devices

New Year, New Products: Introducing Vlier’s Hygienic Leveling Devices

The start of a new year is the perfect time to reflect on the past while also looking toward the future. As 2022 begins, we’re not only taking the time to think about the many ways our custom components and more than 3,300 standard parts have provided solutions for our customers, but also the... (read more)

Vlier - Steady Parts Keep MRI Machines Stable

The Power of the Vlier Leveling Device

A magnetic resonance imaging scan, more commonly known as an MRI, is a popular medical procedure that uses a strong magnetic field and radio waves to create detailed images of the organs and tissues osted on October 5, 2021within the body. An MRI scanner can be used to find medical issues... (read more)

Vlier - Vlier is Your Wingman for National Aviation Week

You always need a wingman you can trust: Maverick had Goose, Holmes had Watson, Jordan had Pippen. A good wingman is someone who always has your back and makes sure you get the mission completed. In the spirit of National Aviation Week, which runs from August 15–21, you can rest assured that Vlier is your wingman when it comes to aerospace components that are engineered with qualit... (read more)

Vlier - Diving Into the Aquatics Industry

How Our Quick Release Device Helped Spectrum Aquatics

When seconds count, like in competitive swimming, there is no room for error. When Spectrum Aquatics, a leading provider of commercial grade pool equipment, encountered an issue with a part in their starting blocks, they turned to Vlier for help.

Starting blocks are raised platforms mounted to pool decks at the en... (read more)

Vlier - Spring locating pins for use in compact spaces

Spring Locating Pins

Vlier spring locating pins are press-fit inserts designed for fixturing small parts in tight, compact spaces. Ideal for positioning and chucking flat or round parts for clamping.

These precisely engineered mechanical components feature an aluminum body with an alloy steel pressure pin. The high-performance spring provides the repeatable end force... (read more)

Vlier - Spring stops for use in a range of applications

Vlier’s spring stops provide accurate, controlled end forces in a range of applications where fixture walls are not available. The spring-loaded stops have an aluminum body design, and feature the option of a steel or Delrin® Nose, which has electrical insulating properties and prevents marring of soft metals such as brass and aluminum.

Typical Uses

Wor... (read more)

Vlier - High value stud style steel leveling devices

High Value Series Stud StyleSteel with Nickel Finish

Vlier’s high value series stud style leveling devices are of premium quality construction, with optimum plating, finishing and cosmetics. These steel levelers have a nickel finish and provide an integrally machined stud as part of the ball. The stud style bases swivel 15° off the centerline to adjust to uneven s... (read more)

Vlier - Top 5 Reasons to Use a Quick Release Device

Top 5 Reasons to Use a Quick Release Device in Your Project

Top 5 Reasons to Use a Quick Release Device in Your Project

Posted on July 9, 2021

If your product design requires precise alignment for positive locking, and a nail, screw or pin won’t suffice—you could benefit from a spring-loaded device. More specifically, a quick release device (QRD) might do... (read more)

Vlier - Quick release devices with convenient features

Quick Release Devices

Vlier offers a wide selection of quick release devices that incorporate convenient features such as quick release pins, plunger pins and retractable plungers, often with both steel and stainless steel design options. Their excellent versatility makes them suited for applications in virtually every industry. The stainless steel quick release devices are both r... (read more)

Vlier - Stubby Pull Ring Plungers

Vlier Pull-Ring Stubby Steel Retractable Non-Locking Plungers offer a shorter plunger body for limited space applications and provide an easy to grasp pull-ring handle for withdrawing and engaging the plunger. They also provide the added advantage of an all stainless steel design for maximum protection against rust and corrosion. (read more)

Vlier - Precisely engineered socket set swivel pad clamps

Socket Set Swivel Pad Clamps

Vlier’s precisely engineered mechanical components include our socket set swivel pad clamps, which provide maximum support and rigidity. They’re ideal for use in limited spaces and securely hold parts with off-angle surfaces without any surface marring or damage.

Our socket set swivel pad clamps are offered in either steel wit... (read more)

Vlier - Locating Pins - steel nose with plastic knob

All Vlier locating pins include a jam nut.

Typical Uses

  • Positioning
  • Fastening
  • Securing
  • Locking
  • Latching
  • Quick disconnect


  • Steel: Carbon Steel
  • Plastic Knob: Thermoplastic
  • (Nylon 6)

See options (read more)

Vlier - Premium quality socket style leveling devices

High Value Series Socket Style with Elastomer PadStainless Steel

Vlier’s high value series socket style leveling devices are of premium quality construction, with optimum plating, finishing and cosmetics. These levelers in stainless steel provide a .125 inch neoprene elastomer pad bonded to the bottom of the base for stable, secure leveling and non-skid support. The s... (read more)

Vlier - Commercial-grade pins at an economical cost

Button Handle Ball Locking Pins

These commercial-grade pins are readily available and are offered in the most popular sizes at an economical cost. These designs are perfect for manufacturing, medical, vehicle, marine and many other applications.

Typical Uses

  • Material handling equipment
  • Trailers and rigging equipment
  • Food & me...
(read more)
Vlier - Spring Loaded Devices for Defense Applications

Entire nations count on the seamless operation of the defense industry. With this in mind, every Vlier product must represent the advanced technologies and precise quality control measures for which we’re known worldwide. With expertise and pride, we build our parts to withstand tough environments, perform under fire and remain always in position.

During Military Appreciatio... (read more)

Vlier - Selecting a Spring Loaded Device

Spring Loaded Device Options

Spring loaded devices are mechanisms that encapsulate a spring and have a plunger or ball tip on one end that allows for accurate and repeatable end forces. They are a better option than standard springs and self-manufactured parts because they are easier to install and offer a single assembly that replaces multiple components.

Spring loaded dev... (read more)

Vlier - Driving Change with Electrification

High Performance, durable, Cost effective solutions (read more)

Vlier - LEVELING DEVICES- Level Star Series

Vlier's Newest Leveling Product
The Level Star, a simple non-swivel leveler with glide and non-skid pad features, is Vlier's newest leveling product line, joining our Original and Econoline levelers. (See Size & Load Tables below) (read more)

Vlier - Set (and forget) with knurled press-fit plungers

Knurled press-fit ball plungers are designed for easy installation into wood, soft plastic or aluminum. Nylon ball resists marring. These press-fit ball plungers are ideal where a threaded ball plunger is impractical or when threaded adjustments are not required.

Knurled press-fit ball plungers in stainless steel resist rust and corrosion.

Typical Uses

  • S...
(read more)
Vlier - Set (and forget) with Vlier Hex Head Ball Plungers

The enhanced design of our Posi-HexTM ball plungers allows for easy installation and removal using only a hex wrench. Designed to withstand maximum installation torque, Posi-HexTM works great when using our thread locking element. These compact spring plungers offer quick change-outs that save downtime and money. Posi-HexTM plungers withstand maximum torque and are recommended for use wi... (read more)

Vlier - Hex Nose Standard Steel Plungers

Vlier Hex Nose Standard Steel Plungers provide a hexagonal plunger nose for easy adjustment with a standard end or socket wrench plunger end to speed installation or removal. Hexagonal plungers are hardened for long life. (read more)

Vlier - Leveling Devices - High Value Series

High-Value Series Levelers are available in steel, steel nickel or a stainless steel finish at a low cost, with the high-quality craftsmenship Vlier is known for. (read more)

Vlier - Hex Head Ball Plungers

Stainless Steel Hex Head Ball Plungers offer maximum protection against rust and corrosion. Allows for easy installation and removal using a screwdriver. (read more)

Vlier - Knurled Press-Fit Plungers

Setting the Highest Standards for Spring Loaded Devices

Just as Vlier’s name has stood for the highest in Quality, Value, Service and Selection for more than 70 years… the Vlier Spring Loaded Devices have stood apart having the highest in Quality, Precision and Reliability with the very first “Vlier Pin”. Now Vlier has once again taken that proven a... (read more)

Vlier - Long Travel Metric Plungers

Vlier Long Travel, hexagonal shaped steel plungers are ideal for high-speed, long-life applications. Easy insertion, adjustment or removal with a standard wrench from plunger end.

• Hexagonal nose design
• Case harden plunger
• Fast installation & removal
• Easy adjustments (read more)

Vlier - Stubby Plunger: Steel and stainless steel

Vlier Stubby Plungers offer greater travel than ball plungers and less travel than standard plungers. (read more)