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Category: Spring Locating Pins
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Vlier Vlier

More Than 75 Years of Innovation
We have been a reliable leader in manufacturing parts for industries including defense, aerospace, medical and more.

Vlier Products, a unit of Hutchinson Aerospace & Industry, has been an industry leader for spring loaded devices, quick release devices, leveling devices, Vlier Lock Pins and mechanical components for more than 75 years.

Founded by Blaine Vlier and William Coop in 1943, Vlier Products initially engineered parts in the manufacturing military build-ups of bombers, fighter planes and battleships during World War II. After the war, the company created what would become its flagship product, the Vlier Pin. Now based out of Massachusetts, the applications for Vlier's products are near limitless, with use in military aircraft, the International Space Station, credit card readers, surgical instruments, rollercoasters and high-speed rail.

Vlier specializes in the ability to create parts to fit customer's designs while meeting expectations of cost, time and performance. Vlier Products' success can be tied to the precision engineering of each of the over 3,300 standard parts offered in their catalog. Quick turn custom parts and special designs are available upon request.

Vlier holds ISO:9001 and AS9100 certifications, internationally recognized Quality Management Systems to assure to customers of our first-rate quality standards. Vlier's application engineering staff and customer support staff are trained and ready to provide comprehensive support components for all designs, installation and application requirements. Call their office in Hopkinton, Massachusetts at 1-800-821-1090 or visit vlier.com for more information.


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A Vlier Success Story: The Impact of Ceramic (Fastening and Joining) This undertaking began when we created a solution for an instrument used in spinal surgery for vertebral compression fractures. Our specially designed threaded plunger sets a critical torque value... (View Full Article)
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