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With a legacy that includes the "Vlier Pin," we have leveraged advanced technologies and obsessive quality control to deliver precisely engineered components.

Vlier Products has long been recognized as a leader in the Tooling Components Industry. The company was founded in 1943 to support the defense industry in WWII, and we have been setting industry specifications and standards ever since. Vlier is proud to be the originator of the "Vlier Pin."

Acquired in 1958 by Barry Controls, Vlier Products maintained its facility in Burbank, California until 1994. In that year, Vlier moved its manufacturing to a larger and more modern facility with Barry Controls, which is now located in Hopkinton, Massachusetts.

Vlier Products is a manufacturer of tooling components for fixturing and work holding, but it does not stop there. Our products are precision manufactured components that have been used in products such as cell phones, aircraft seats, guided missiles, medical instruments, electrical contacts for the high tech industry, and exercise equipment. When engineers are faced with difficult design challenges, they turn to Vlier Products first.

Vlier Products offers:

Spring Loaded Devices Quick Release Devices Leveling Devices Mechanical Components

Quick turn custom parts and special designs are available upon request. Rounding out Vlier's product offering is ourr ability to create parts to fit your design and meet your expectations of cost, time, and performance.

Vlier's Application Engineering Staff and Customer Support Staff are trained and ready to provide comprehensive support for Vlier Spring Loaded Devices, Leveling Devices and Mechanical Components for all designs, installation and application requirements. Call our office in Hopkinton, Massachusetts at 1-800-821-1090 or e-mail us at