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Category: Switch Sealing Boots
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APM Hexseal Corp.
APM Hexseal Corp.
APM Hexseal Corp. Self-Sealing Fasteners

"The world's most hostile environments are their proving ground"...has been the APM Hexseal mission and motto since 1947 when they first developed their line of switch and circuit breaker sealing boots for U.S. Naval equipment. Their highly IP Rated seals are designed to meet MIL-DTL-5423 and are UL Recognized, and are used extensively in a wide range of underwater and marine, medical, instrumentation, process industries and industrial plants, construction equipment and a myriad of other applications. A full line of complimentary high-pressure, reusable self-sealing fasteners are also used extensively in medical, marine and other related industrial and electrical electronics applications.

Products include:

  • Environmental seals for switches and keypads
  • Environmental seals for circuit breakers
  • Reusable self-sealing fasteners and washers
  • Colorizing filters for incandescent lamps
  • Custom dynamic seals

In addition they offer:

  • Free samples for evaluation
  • Application assistance
  • Design consultation
  • Certificates of Compliance
  • Video Training Tutorials

What APM HEXSEAL Has To Offer:  

  • Proprietary design, reusable silicone-rubber sealing boots for toggle, pushbutton, rocker and rotary-style panel-mounted switches. Dust-tight and watertight, UL Recognized. Color-matched to your application requirements.

  • Transparent rubber sealing boots for lever, toggle, rocker and pushbutton-actuated circuit breakers. UL Recognized and complies with CSA.

  • Self-sealing, reusable screws, bolts and nuts (plus non-reusable rivets) which seal to 20,000 psig. Design assures fastening integrity of intimate metal-to-metal contact. Compatible with all surface finishes and available with threadlocking.

  • Self-sealing bonded stainless steel washers (with bonded ribbed silicone rubber) that fully seals 360° both the ID hole for screw / bolt securing and washer perimeter UL Recognized (UL Type 4x6).

  • Reusable, interchangeable colored silicone rubber filters for incandescent lamps. Won't crack, chip, peel, melt or fade. Rated to +575°F and 301°C.

  • Custom molded configurations & colors, special bushing/bezel sizes, other elastomeric materials or a totally custom design. They would be pleased to review your application requirements and provide engineering assistance and prototype evaluations.

APM Hexseal's products are sold worldwide, either direct or through distributors. In North America, products are available from more than 150 electronic and industrial stocking distributors.

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