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Category: Optical Bandpass Filters
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We Are Abrisa Technologies

Abrisa Technologies, a member of HEF Photonics, is a leading US based Photonics company providing custom thin film coated and fabricated technology glass and ready-to-install photonic assemblies from our nearly 125,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facilities. We partner with you from concept through production, delivering custom designed solutions to meet your application-specific requirements as well as fitness-for-use performance and volume manufacturability. Customers of Abrisa Technologies have access to the full breadth of HEF Photonics' global capabilities which include high angle accuracy precision optics, complex assemblies for the UV to 20 microns, PVD sputtering, PE-CVD, thermal evaporation, photolithography, photomasking, reticles and targets, laser based processing, cutting, ablation, texturizing, surface functionalization, and other surface material engineering capabilities.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Abrisa Technologies' broad scope of design and manufacturing capabilities, vertical integration and single-point accountability allows you to put your trust in one company for supply chain simplicity, convenience, reduced cost of ownership, and delivery of consistent and reliable product every time.
  • Float, Low Alkaline, Low CTE & Specialty HIE™ Chemically Strengthened Aluminosilicates in mm to meter sizes
  • Specialize in Ultra-Thin (0.03 รข?? 0.4mm) Glass Fabrication, HIE™ Strengthening & Coating
  • Fabrication for Shape & Other Custom Features to Your Specific Needs
  • Chemical or Heat Strengthening/Toughening for Damage Resistance
  • Coatings for Filtering, Color, Signal Selection, High Throughput, Reflection, Transparent Conductivity, NVG
  • Compatibility, UV & IR Management, Protection
  • Screen Printing for Branding, Displays, Electrical Connectivity (Bus-Bars & Wire Bonding)
  • Value-Added Assembly, Applied Films, Oleophobics, Laser Marking & Gasket Cutting
  • Total Solution Product Verification & Certification

Your Total Solution Partner

Abrisa Technologies' customers are experts and leaders in their industries and best at defining the market challenges they face. Not all customers choose to focus on the photonic technology their systems and devices employ. That's where Abrisa Technologies excels. As a customer centric company, we listen to our customers' wholistic needs. As your Total Solution Partner, we offer a unique suite of specialized expertise, volume manufacturing experience, vertically integrated capabilities and services to fulfill our customers' photonic technology requirements, now and into the future. It begins with understanding our customer's market challenges, applications, and collaborating with them from concept to production, every step of the way. Customers know they can rely on Abrisa Technologies as their Total Solution Partner for:
  • Expertise in Both Optical Coatings & Glass Technology
  • Manufacturable Solutions Optimized for Fitness-for-Use
  • Over 44 Years of Experience for Consistent Volume Manufacturing
  • Unique & Integrated Capabilities for Ready-to-Install Solutions
  • Total Solution Product Verification & Certification
  • Program, Inventory & Supply Chain Management & Other Services
  • Innovation & Production Needs, Now & for Years to Come

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