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Category: Conductivity Electrodes
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Automation24, Inc. is your premier online supplier for industrial automation components offering a well-rounded selection of products and solutions. We have developed a comprehensive, continuously growing range of items from brand name manufacturers such as ifm efector, Siemens, Weidmüller and more. From sensor to control cabinet, we provide world-renowned products to our valued customers at the best prices, provide outstanding technical support and customer service and promise product delivery in a timely fashion.

To ensure a convenient and pleasant online shopping experience, we have created the easy-to-use automation24.com webshop. With a modern and fresh design, accurate and fast product selection tools and live chat for immediate assistance it has everything you need right at your fingertips.

Supplier Directory Categories

Acoustic Horns
(2 Products)
CMOS Cameras
(3 Products)
Cable Assemblies
(344 Products)
Cable Clamps
(1 Product)
Cable Glands
(311 Products)
Circuit Breakers
(321 Products)
DIN Connectors
(2 Products)
Data Acquisition
(77 Products)
Digital Cameras
(3 Products)
Ethernet Cables
(39 Products)
(1 Product)
Flow Meters
(144 Products)
Flow Switches
(43 Products)
Foot Switches
(5 Products)
Gas Flow Meters
(42 Products)
Hand Tools
(5 Products)
Keylock Switches
(11 Products)
LED Lamps
(12 Products)
Label Materials
(6 Products)
Label Printers
(4 Products)
(12 Products)
Level Sensors
(183 Products)
Level Switches
(40 Products)
Light Curtains
(31 Products)
Liquid Flow Meters
(127 Products)
Logic Analyzers
(31 Products)
Motor Contactors
(45 Products)
Network Cables
(40 Products)
Network Modems
(5 Products)
Network Switches
(38 Products)
(3 Products)
(16 Products)
Power Supplies
(49 Products)
Pressure Gauges
(250 Products)
Pressure Sensors
(115 Products)
Proximity Sensors
(274 Products)
Rotary Encoders
(6 Products)
Rotary Switches
(34 Products)
Sealing Glands
(311 Products)
Serial Cables
(5 Products)
Speed Sensors
(3 Products)
Terminal Blocks
(174 Products)
(16 Products)
USB Connectors
(5 Products)
Vision Sensors
(5 Products)
Wiring Ducts
(20 Products)
pH Instruments
(2 Products)
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