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Category: Spring Washers
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Coiling Technologies, Inc. found in 1976, manufactures a wide variety of springs in our 110,000 sq. ft (10,220 sq. m) Houston Texas based manufacturing facility. These include compression springs, disc springs, extension springs, torsion springs, wave springs, and wire forms. We have capacity to cold coil and produce springs with material diameters ranging from 0.008" - 2.5" (0.2 - 65 mm), 24" (600 mm) outside diameter and lengths up 72" (1.8 m). We have modular manufacturing cells to support both low volume and high-volume manufacturing. Our Quality management system is ISO 9000:2015 certified.

We have single point and dual point coiling equipment with full in-house heat treating and offer various finishing options including electro plating and powder coating. We can process most exotic/super alloy materials which include Stainless alloys, Nickel alloys, and Titanium alloys. We also stock and an extensive line of high tensile CrSi wires from .197" รข?? 0.75" (5 -19 mm). We have on hand more than 635 metric tons of raw material to react quickly to our customers' needs. Permitting us to provide hot rush expedited orders within 5 working days.

We cover all areas of industry from Aerospace to Transportation. With our capabilities we serve many diversified companies these include fortune 500 companies the US Military, Government municipalities and agencies, OEM's and the automotive aftermarket.

Should you have an inquiry concerning a custom spring application, Coiling Technologies sales and engineering team are prepared to support your requests. In most cases we process quotes the same business day.

Ph: +1-713-849-4000
Fx: +1-713-849-2645

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