Ensuring safe and reliable operations for more than half a century

Since the 1950's, Target Rock has been a leader in providing high performance valves and related product to the U.S. Navy, the commercial nuclear power market and the oil and petrochemical processing industry. A business unit of Curtiss-Wright Flow Control, we design, manufacture and test the world's most advanced valves for critical application, setting a benchmark for quality, reliability and overall excellence.

Target Rock valves ensure safe and reliable operations within the most critical, severe service environments of U.S. Navy aircraft carriers and submarines, as well as in commercial nuclear power plants. 

Our diverse line of safety-related valves for the nuclear market includes solenoid-operated isolation and control valves, pilot-operated Pressurizer and Main Steam Safety Relief Valves, direct-acting Main Steam Safety Valves, Inverted Cone Safety Relief Valves, severe service Motor Operated Valves, and a line of pneumatic components.

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